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Synonyms for brainy

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Synonyms for brainy

having or showing intelligence, often of a high order

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Synonyms for brainy

having or marked by unusual and impressive intelligence

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Yet in the spirit of Oscar Wilde (who practically invented comedic snark in The Importance of Being Earnest and other farces), it takes on more dimensions when authors pair it with insight, braininess and empathy, in a style we'll call "snark with heart." Heartfelt snark is often a feature of the Generation X and Y family comedy or romantic comedy.
Sacrificing physical life and affective life to mental life [...] I resent being condemned to extinction because these imbeciles of scientists and moralists and spiritualists and technicians and literary and political uplifters and all the rest of them haven't the sense to see that man must live as a man, not as a monster of conscious braininess and soulfulness.
For most people, "rocket science" means braininess, fame and glamour.
Hostile messages, many from women, sprang up on blogs and social networking sites, criticizing her braininess and her appearance.
Vulgar, blousy and unhampered by braininess, this Wirral blacksmith's daughter, born in Swan Cottage, Ness, motored instead on high-octane "X" factor.
Author Priscilla Costello, a counseling astrologer, demonstrates how to read a horoscope using Aquarius Oprah Winfrey as an example; significant traits are friendliness, independence, a tendency to opinionate, and braininess.
While Aner appreciated my braininess, he didn't like how I was
Charming Hostess: The three hot, plus-sized women of San Francisco's Charming Hostess offer up girly, body-centered music that colludes with their Jewish and African diasporas, radical braininess and the political and erotic nexus of progressive politics.
As a comic, Russell's shtick on a standard Big Brother's Big Mouth is - introduce guests, make reference to a highbrow figure to show his braininess, talk about his "dinkle" to show he's rude, shriek "I pulled down my trousers", have a pretend fight with a stuffed animal and twirl round saying "The swine!" and "Hare Krishna".
Standardized tests measure braininess and memory skills.
Another piece gives an impression of abstract braininess, with asymmetrical pieces of lavender glass twirling from copper wires.
These negative stereotypes gradually turned, in the last years of the twentieth century, into positive ones: first Jews and then Asians came to model economic self-sufficiency and braininess as means to social success (albeit also as de-masculinized neurotics).
The key elements of the dominant depiction of the war--loyal Jewish service to both North and South, the reciprocated Jewish love of Lincoln, the braininess of Benjamin--echoed the reconciliatory spirit of the broader historiography.
Latter role is conspicuously underwritten but, even at that, Moynahan fails to bring desired layers of braininess, ambiguity, inner conflict or motivation to a part that needed something--anything--to animate it.
Add to his braininess, naivete, and provincialism some of the other qualities Wills attributes to Madison--inconsistency, dullness of manner, paranoia, insensitivity, and occasional dishonesty-and the author has the ingredients to provide a fairly uncomplicated portrait of Madison and his failures.