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Synonyms for brainchild

something invented

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Synonyms for brainchild

a product of your creative thinking and work


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The initiative and idea of Saarc was solely the brainchild of late Maj Gen Ziaur Rehman, the then President of Bangladesh.
Chennai (Tamil Nadu) [India] Aug 10( ANI ): Kamal Hassan's brainchild, 'Vishwaroop 2' has released today and the actor's excited fans are celebrating.
BrainChild Innovation is a core group of engineers with a passion for working with emerging technologies to advance the progress of humankind in the fields of Analytics, Medical, Energy, Security and Infrastructure Inspections.
Talking about Brainchild's efforts towards the digital landscape of Pakistan, the Group Chairman Raihan Merchant stated "As #AOTF [Agency of the Future], we will lead the solution provision based on relevant analytics and innovative methods to create Human Experiences resulting in positive brand sale." The workshop was designed around discussing the dilemma of digital transformation to outline several learning tools and challenges within the Pakistani market.
Starcom MediaVest Group has agreed in principle to look at Pakistan as a market and at Brainchild Communications as an agency partner much more closely this year.
Beginning as the brainchild of John Hekert, bands and songwriters involved contribute a song to each bi-monthly mini-album based around a certain theme.
Summary: DUBAI - Monterosso won the world's most valuable race, the $10million Dubai World Cup, here on Saturday to give victory to the brainchild behind the race, his owner Shaikh Mohammed Al Maktoum's Godolphin Operation.
The money advice service, the brainchild of Chancellor George Osborne, was launched in April and pledged free and unbiased assistance for people struggling to cope with rising prices, frozen salaries and widespread redundancies.
BRAINCHILD announces a new bilingual version of its Achiever!
It was the brainchild of lecturer John Mair and the address is
In the wake of Honda's shock withdrawal from the sport at the end of last week due to the global economic crisis, Mosley proposed a deadline of Thursday for teams to sign up to his brainchild.
The snack, which won the Breaking Into Tesco contest, is the brainchild of Winchester's Nick Smallwood, who beat off 20 rival chefs to have his product sold by the supermarket chain.
The club is the brainchild of Lucy Bowden, 20, of Alnwick, who runs the website, which aims to attract more people to the art of angling.
Brainchild of former Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl, the band have earned a worldwide following, with a score of hit songs, including Times Like These and Best of You.
The brainchild of Geoffrey Canada, its president and CEO, this is a 60-block area that has been singled out as a place where the safety net will be too tightly woven for any child to fall through.