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The researchers will look closely for skeletal signs of hybridization in the animals, which might include changes in the shape of the nose and braincase.
London, June 14 ( ANI ): A new analysis of the braincase of a 290-million-year-old fossil fish that has long puzzled paleontologists has revealed that the common ancestor of all jawed vertebrates on Earth resembled a shark.
The new research looked at four 3-dimensional braincases of iniopterygians found in shales from Kansas and Oklahoma.
When Alan Pradel of the MusE[umlaut]um National d'Histoire Naturelle in Paris CAT scanned the 300-million-year-old fossilized iniopterygian from Kansas, he and his colleagues saw a symmetrical blob nestled within the braincase.
Before this discovery, most scientists believed that the braincases of Acanthodians resembled those of bony fish, and were thus related to this type of animal.
The team examined computer-generated reproductions based on measurements of the inner walls of braincases from Flu and two present-day adults with microcephaly, one from Africa and the other from India.
These include long, narrow braincases and short, thin faces, a pattern akin to that of modern inhabitants of southern Asia and South Pacific islands.
Although the Dmanisi braincases are surprisingly small, they nevertheless represent a regional variation of H.
The braincases had been broken into fragments and the limb bones shattered.
This holds for the size and shape of Ngandong braincases, the thickness of the cranial bones and other features, he points out.