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'Ontogenetic braincase development in Psittacosaurus lujiatunensis (Dinosauria: Ceratopsia) using micro-computed tomography' by C.
tenuis (n=6) was 11.83+-0.300mm, breadth of braincase was 6.04+-0.23mm while the zygomatic breath was recorded 7.52+-0.14mm.
However, using CT scans these elements were digitally mirrored and 3D printed at life size to complete the braincase. Finally, the entire skull was CT scanned at the Royal Veterinary College using a scanner typically reserved for horses and other large animals.
The skull isn't quite complete, but several bones of the braincase -- which are rarely preserved in ichthyosaurs -- are present.
If these features only evolved in one group of humans, we might expect to see a series of skulls going from larger to smaller faces, and gradually bigger, rounder braincases.
The researchers will look closely for skeletal signs of hybridization in the animals, which might include changes in the shape of the nose and braincase.
In addition, much has been said about braincase size increase during hominid evolution.10 There is no doubt that the general trend is towards a considerable increase in cranial capacity.
(1980): The skull of the Upper Jurassic cryptodire turtle Thalassemys with a reconsideration of the chelonian braincase. Palaeontographica Abt.
lucifugus Armstrong Hairs of dorsum having burnished tips; (1972, p 56) forearm 35 to 40 [mm]; greatest length of skull 14.3-15.3 [mm]" Hall (1981, p 185) "Greatest length of skull usually more than 14 [mm]; fur usually glossy" Nagorsen and "Forehead with a gradual slope ..., skull Brigham length usually greater than 14 mm" (1993, p 55) Verts and Carraway "Pelage on dorsum glossy; total length of (1998, p 76) skull usually >14 mm; forearm usually [greater than or equal to] 35 mm; skull sloped gradually from rostrum to braincase" Source M.
Are there ages when, because the braincase is still hardening and necks still thickening, playing organized tackle football should be forbidden?
Lesions located on the roof of the oral cavity extended in 33% (6/18) into the orbit and in 11% (2/18) into the braincase. By using wet-mount microscopy, we were able to confirm Trichomonas gallinae in 22% (4/18) of the sampled animals.
Opisthocranion (Oc): The most posteriorly protruding point on the back of the braincase. Nasion (Na): The middle point of the frontonasal suture.
Braque's still lifes "are about the war precisely by not being about the war," writes Butler in her catalogue essay, which focuses on tokens of mortality, such as Baluster and Skull, 1938, an irreverent memento mori that confronts the viewer with a cavernous, vacant braincase. Was this the message that Paulhan hoped Roy would see and understand?