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a difficult problem

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So in place of some of the rough, post-hard-core terrain and brain-twisting math rock the band crafted on those earlier records, "The Big Dirty" has a sound that owes more to old-school hard rock.
Army, the NATO military, and the CIA; now, he offers the updated second edition of Thinkertoys: A Handbook of Creative-Thinking Techniques, a jam-packed wealth of brain-twisting visual and verbal puzzles and exercises designed to stimulate new ways of solving problems and looking at situations.
Called Reversal of Fortune, it's described by the Beeb as "an exciting, brain-twisting TV quiz."
Each two-page spread teaches the reader about fascinating numerological concepts in plain and simple terms, from brain-twisting logic puzzles (a TV game show host has you pick from three garage doors, each with a car behind it.
There were delays, progressive delays, mounting, cascading, ever-expanding, brain-twisting delays.
McClelland, who also won the national title as an 11th grader, admits that it took at lot of work and patience to get where he is today in the brain-twisting world of chess.
As Princess Ida, you'll explore a host of level environments, evoking memories of brain-twisting Escher drawings, where the isometric perspective and innovative manipulation of your surroundings make for a stunning adventure puzzler, further enhanced by the incredible visual treatment.
Through a land of unsuspecting danger and adventure you wield your sword, navigating an intricate story wrought with bizarre characters, brain-twisting puzzles and wild games.
What follows is a brain-twisting game of cat and mouse that seems ergonomically engineered to make you scratch your head.
Other offbeat ruses to lure premier talent include a computer-coding competition and a brain-twisting aptitude test that mixes geek humour with a daunting mathematical workout.
Called Reversal Of Fortune it is being billed as "an exciting, brain-twisting new TV quiz".
And each Wednesday night the cast take it in turns to hold Lost parties at their homes, as they watch that week's brain-twisting episode.
During his perilous journey, the red-capped hero will drive a steam train, swing his trusty hammer and solve brain-twisting puzzles.