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a difficult problem

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It was this sort of brain-twister that led to the invention of Limbo in the first place.
Some neat comparative clips show how the originally clearer plotting turned into a brain-twister as explanatory scenes disappeared and ones turning up the Bogart-Bacall sexual heat were added.
"To a nation that runs more on instinct than on intellect," Margolis writes in the conclusion of his book, "elderly poverty may be the sternest cerebral challenge of all." Why elderly poverty is a bigger brain-twister than, say, childhood poverty, Margolis doesn't say, but sure enough it's a tough subject.
I was a new minister with a young family, thrown into the rigor of new ministries from youth to seniors; I was trying to deal with diverse theological views, interpersonal conflicts, threats from a few people to leave if such-and-such didn't happen, financial issues, and a host of other emotionally heavy brain-twisters normally reserved for executives at a mid- to large-sized corporation.
The player, then, is tasked with solving a sequence of increasingly difficult puzzles, riddles, and other brain-twisters. How many times in the course of one day will a digital clock display three or more of the same number in a row?