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a difficult problem

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Hundreds of thousands of people from more than 213 different countries around the globe are finding their way to the brain-teaser site every month at http://www.
Every issue of Ultimate Real Robots features robot stars from the world of cinema, television and science fiction; updates on all the latest robot news; projects for readers to get involved with; and brain-teasers.
Preview will be packed with full-colour celebrity features, competitions, brain-teasers and Howard Drury's famous gardening column - as well as the only complete TV, satellite and cable listings.
Crosswords fan Brian Nuggert, of Sydney, has finally completed one of the brain-teasers - after 40 YEARS.
Byron's works linger like complicated, multitextured brain-teasers.
Later this summer, Midway expects to release Hot Brain[TM], a compilation of brain-teasers, puzzles and challenges, exclusively for the PSP[R] (PlayStation[R] Portable) system.
Fast-paced family gameshow in which competitors are challenged to make informed guesses at the answers to a series of brain-teasers.
Though crossword puzzles are the primary feature, a medley of other brain-teasers round out Mad Tausig vs The Interplanetary Puzzling Peace Patrol.
PUZZLES and brain-teasers are the name of the game at a Warwickshire Museum event on Thursday.
uk/ drama/spooks and play a series of brain-teasers, starting this week by defusing a timebomb.
Throughout the school year, the five team members have prepared for such brain-teasers by studying together four to six hours a week.
With zany photos and illustrations, jokes and brain-teasers, and interesting travel and educational pieces, the magazine's lively look and fresh content reflects the interests of today's kids.
Registered members collect "funBugs" - weekly drawing entries - by participating in client promotions and playing a variety of single and multi-player games, puzzles, and brain-teasers.
Although these brain-teasers are never as obtuse as those in fellow platformer Braid.
BRAIN-teasers will be posed by a Nuneaton firefighter in a bid to help finance his charity trek to Africa's rooftop.