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a difficult problem

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Full of genuinely funny moments and ludicrous brain-teasers, they have surpassed many expectations.
Some of the mind games include: name certain defined words beginning with the letter A, identify six sounds recorded in a gym, mentally fold/cut/unfold a piece of paper, and many more brain-teasers grounded in language, geography, math, and logic.
BRAIN-TEASERS will be set at a Nuneaton hotel this weekend to help raise funds for the town's Mary Ann Evans Hospice.
Insurmountable Simplicities: Thirty-Nine Philosophical Conundrums presents a veritable smorgasbord of philosophical brain-teasers to be pondered at length by novice and veteran thinkers alike.
For your chance to win pounds 50 courtesy of the Racing Post, just send your answers to our four daily brain-teasers by one or text.
Don't you just love those hardy annual brain-teasers that crop up over a pint down at the local?
Reproducible activities can be used with youngsters as class openers, problems of the day, challenges, contests, brain-teasers, or supplements to content being studied.
Crosswords fan Brian Nuggert, of Sydney, has finally completed one of the brain-teasers - after 40 YEARS.
Byron's works linger like complicated, multitextured brain-teasers. Close in spirit to the light bulb drawn over a cartoon-figure's head, the candle-busts turn the Enlightenment's belief in subject-centered reason into a visual pun.