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a difficult problem

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London, July 6 (ANI): After taking the world by storm with Rubik's cube, Professor Erno Rubik is back with yet another brain-teaser.
Tina Rigby walked away with pounds 50 of high street vouchers after answering last week's brain-teaser.
It's a brain-teaser even Stephen Hawking would struggle to solve.
And he challenges you to complete every single brain-teaser on offer if you want to be free from The Curse.
But this little brain-teaser might - 40 per cent of jailed criminals in Britain are illiterate.
The fiancAe of soccer ace Wayne Rooney will lead the wives and girlfriends on BBC TV's brain-teaser show Test The Nation.
The annual brain-teaser, which the school has run for four years, is organised by head of maths Fiona Brown and fits in with government criteria to do with promoting the subject.
The questions are set in a Quizgo fashion, which is somewhat nearer to bingo than brain-teaser and a lot of the posers were extremely easy.
The game between Leicester and Blackburn is a real brain-teaser.
Slotting in nicely between classics like Tetris and Bust-a-move, it's an oddly compelling 3D brain-teaser.
WELCOME to the brilliant brain-teaser that could win you pounds 50 - and it couldn't be simpler!
The multi-format brain-teaser Who Wants To Be A Millionaire topped the charts for weeks in the autumn, with WWF - for PlayStation and Dreamcast - also dominating the year's play.
MARTIN PIPE has set punters a brain-teaser by entering Cyfor Malta in two races at Cheltenham next Saturday, writes Bob Toseland.
The latest brain-teaser for the Nintendo DS - Driving Theory Training - has official exam questions and road sign quizzes.
Simply call our hotline on 0891 11 22 00 and answer this brain-teaser: