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a difficult problem

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IMPRESSIVE J Horn features incredibly detailed environments complete with strange creatures BAMBOOZLE J The Curse is a real brain-teaser that will have you in a muddle in no time at all
Slotting in nicely between classics like Tetris and Bust-a-move, it's an oddly compelling 3D brain-teaser.
MARTIN PIPE has set punters a brain-teaser by entering Cyfor Malta in two races at Cheltenham next Saturday, writes Bob Toseland.
Hold a music night -- Learning to play a musical instrument helps people of all ages build memory and spatial awareness; Include theatre, museums and galleries in your summer plans to engage the creative side of your brain; Relax with puzzles, brain-teasers, chess, card games or a good book to de-stress while keeping your brain active; Get outside and play -- Physical activity is important at every age, but for older adults in particular, it can reduce risks associated with dementia.
In the first part of the event, they learnt about code writing, had to generate animated figures and solve brain-teasers.
His brain-teasers tonight are on the theme of crime.
Some of the mind games include: name certain defined words beginning with the letter A, identify six sounds recorded in a gym, mentally fold/cut/unfold a piece of paper, and many more brain-teasers grounded in language, geography, math, and logic.
Insurmountable Simplicities: Thirty-Nine Philosophical Conundrums presents a veritable smorgasbord of philosophical brain-teasers to be pondered at length by novice and veteran thinkers alike.
Don't you just love those hardy annual brain-teasers that crop up over a pint down at the local?
Oknaian, the Daily News' entry, correctly spelled ``catenary'' (the curve taken up by a chain or flexible cable hanging freely) in the first round before taking on 25 brain-teasers in a second-round written test.
Every issue of Ultimate Real Robots features robot stars from the world of cinema, television and science fiction; updates on all the latest robot news; projects for readers to get involved with; and brain-teasers.
Reproducible activities can be used with youngsters as class openers, problems of the day, challenges, contests, brain-teasers, or supplements to content being studied.
Crosswords fan Brian Nuggert, of Sydney, has finally completed one of the brain-teasers - after 40 YEARS.
Byron's works linger like complicated, multitextured brain-teasers.
Later this summer, Midway expects to release Hot Brain[TM], a compilation of brain-teasers, puzzles and challenges, exclusively for the PSP[R] (PlayStation[R] Portable) system.