brain drain

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depletion or loss of intellectual and technical personnel

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As Frankie tries to uncover the secrets of the school, he discovers the headmaster, Dr Gore, has plans to turn all the students into robot-like super brains using his Brain-drain machine.
With reports indicating that one of the effects of the recovery is that many more employees have started quitting their jobs and looking around for new ones, one businesses that are not providing all the trimmings may be heading for a brain-drain of their best talent.
NO MATTER how hard I try, I just cannot make my heart bleed for the plight of the "world-class" academics who apparently are struggling to get their offspring into pole-position in "good schools" in the area, as suggested by Ben Turner in the Daily Post recently ("Liverpool Risking Brain-drain unless schools improve, warns university" - 2/8/10) I am still trying to work out just how this set of circumstances constitutes a braindrain at all.
Software and computer games contribute 45 per cent of the turnover of Birmingham's creative economy and as this region already suffers from a private sector job brain-drain this could herald a digital brain-drain.
Graduates are a real asset to the business community and it is vital that we - as a region - do everything we can to ensure that we do not suffer a brain-drain.