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depletion or loss of intellectual and technical personnel

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He noted that brain-drain affects many other fields in the country, saying 'this is not only noted in the health sector, so there was a need for government to do the needful.'
An Analysis of Brain-Drain and its Impact on Manpower Development in Nigeria.
"We have to create more and more opportunities for skilled manpower to handle the issue of brain-drain," he said.
KPMG's head of Brexit, Karen Briggs, said: "Our survey highlights how important the actions of employers are going to be if the UK is to avoid a Brexit brain-drain.
Within the doctrine, the "brain-drain" term is used in parallel to that of "brain-gain", which makes the residents of a particular country improve their level of qualification, due to the risk of importing highly qualified people (Gibson and McKenzie, 2011: 10).
In a joint statement issued here, Chamber President Sheikh Mohammad Arshad, Senior Vice President Almas Hyder and Vice President Nasir Saeed said stopping brain-drain was the key to making the country economically stable.
Brain-drain is a complex phenomenon that influences health care organizations from small municipalities to worldwide, large-scale national systems.
Brain drain is a very complex and vast .In this respect a brief description about the main reasons of Brain-Drain and possible measures to tackle this issue in Pakistan context has been given.
Fantastic Frankie and the Brain-Drain Machine by Anna Kemp, pounds 5.99 (Simon and Schuster) WHEN Frankie Blewitt takes home yet another 'F-for-failure' school report, it's the last straw.
With reports indicating that one of the effects of the recovery is that many more employees have started quitting their jobs and looking around for new ones, one businesses that are not providing all the trimmings may be heading for a brain-drain of their best talent.
NO MATTER how hard I try, I just cannot make my heart bleed for the plight of the "world-class" academics who apparently are struggling to get their offspring into pole-position in "good schools" in the area, as suggested by Ben Turner in the Daily Post recently ("Liverpool Risking Brain-drain unless schools improve, warns university" - 2/8/10) I am still trying to work out just how this set of circumstances constitutes a braindrain at all.
Software and computer games contribute 45 per cent of the turnover of Birmingham's creative economy and as this region already suffers from a private sector job brain-drain this could herald a digital brain-drain.
Sfeir has long warned against "brain-drain" in Lebanon and urged the youth to stay in their country.
WEST Midland business leaders today urged the Government to come to the aid of jobless youngsters - and help prevent a graduate "brain-drain" in the region.