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death when respiration and other reflexes are absent

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Bahrain laws do not allow the harvesting of organs from a brain-dead person.
In January, a baby boy was born in Wroclaw, Poland, after surviving for 55 days in the womb of his brain-dead mum.
Al Salmi affirmed that the best treatment for patients suffering from renal failure is only by transplanting organs from the brain-dead persons.
But opponents of the bill asked the committee to weigh the value of a an unborn child's life in keeping pregnant women on life support even if they are brain-dead.
Malek Hosseini added that surgeons have succeeded in transplanting the intestine, stomach, duodenum, pancreas, and spleen of a brain-dead donor into the body of the young man.
The boy, who was suffering from a brain disorder, was declared brain-dead due to a brain disorder Thursday.
The current orthodoxy in Welsh politics is the promotion of Welsh, and expensive efforts to give it "equal status", but do we want brain-dead politicians who never challenge an orthodoxy through fear of reprisal?
The New Jersey woman had been brain-dead for a year but kept breathing, apparently with the help of a respirator.
Palminteri did not create or direct this cheerfully brain-dead scenario.
Complicating the "documentary" is the presence of a gaggle of offbeat, has-been celebrities competing for best teacher in an unremarkable comprehensive school in a midsize English town, populated by brain-dead scholars and insane teachers.
David Hargroden, and medical ethicist, Father Joseph Howard: "What makes the domino transplant so special to the transplant community is the fact that the heart donor is actually a living donor rather than "a brain-dead cadaver donor.
Sanjay Gupta, a neurosurgeon in Atlanta and senior medical correspondent for CNN, on a recent segment of Larry King Live devoted to the case of Susan Torres, a pregnant brain-dead woman who was sustained until her fetus was viable.
A brain-dead woman in Virginia, USA, is being kept on life support in the hope that her 21-week-old feotus survives, and the woman's husband said he is certain that's what she would have wanted.
Who has time for gay marriage, activist judges, or brain-dead bulimics when you've got a real boogeyman to freak out about?