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death when respiration and other reflexes are absent

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The mother, whose identity was not revealed, had been declared brain-dead shortly after reaching the hospital, upon which doctors immediately began the struggle to save her child.
In a similar case in Portugal, a baby boy was born to a brain-dead mother in 2016.
They will conduct the first cadaveric organ donor transplantation in the country if brain-dead donor could be found and the family members permit,' Dr ASM Tanim Anwar, who is coordinating the Bangladesh-Korea Kidney Transplantation team, told BSS.
"Bahrain laws do not allow the harvesting of organs from a brain-dead person."
After doctors pronounced her brain-dead, she was kept on life support because of a state law that requires doctors to maintain life-sustaining care for pregnant patients.
DeFina said an examination of Jahi also revealed that her brain was still intact, rather than ''liquefying'' as would be expected if a brain-dead body was kept on life-support for many months.
Melbourne, April 6 ( ANI ): A Swedish man, who was paralyzed two years ago after suffering a stroke, has sued the hospital where he is being treated, claiming that his doctors tried to harvest his organs despite the fact that he was not brain-dead and could recuperate from his condition.
26 -- Leading UK inventor Trevor Baylis opines the young generation who is highly dependent on the internet for 'everything' is in danger of becoming 'brain-dead'.
Surgeons at Osaka University Hospital on Friday began transplanting the heart extracted from a boy proclaimed brain-dead Thursday to a girl under age 10, the youngest person to receive a heart transplant, hospital officials said.
And if they don't breathe, they're brain-dead. Their heart may still be beating, (and) is still beating in that they don't breathe, they're brain dead.
Ben, 31, was declared brain-dead by doctors in Antigua but his parents Ken and Marilyn have refused to give up hope.
Being, as we Welsh are, prone to attribute apt nicknames ('Dai Bananas' was a good one for Sir David Maxwell-Fyffe), may I bestow upon him the well deserved appellation 'brain-dead Collins, and express the hope that he enjoys it.
Sir - i write regarding your article "Labour worker's brain-dead slur against Welsh" (September 14).
But as we witnessed last year in the case of Terri Schiavo, trying to decipher choice when the person at issue is brain-dead can lead to a complicated mess.