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death when respiration and other reflexes are absent

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Although there are fatwas from Islamic scholars allowing organ donations, some families believe it's not fair to remove the organs of their brain-dead relatives.
The multiple transplants began late Tuesday night, hours after the donor was declared brain-dead by doctors at the Kyorin University Hospital in Mitaka, western Tokyo, and six of her organs removed for transplant.
The donor collapsed Saturday from a brain hemorrhage, according to the Japan Organ Transplant Network, the only entity in the country authorized to arrange organ transplants from brain-dead donors.
However, the incident made organ transplant from brain-dead donors taboo in Japan until the law was passed in 1997.
He recommended Japan amend its transplant law so that consent from families alone could realize organ donations from brain-dead donors.
The man, who lives in the Osaka area, was admitted to the Osaka hospital in January and registered to become a recipient in April with the network, the only entity in the country authorized to arrange organ transplants from brain-dead donors.
Under the 1997 law, organs can be extracted from those officially declared brain-dead on condition that they express their willingness on a donor card and indicate the organs they wish to donate.
The donor, in her 50s, was declared brain-dead Tuesday.
Japan's first heart transplant operation was started Sunday night since a law permitting the transfer of organs from brain-dead donors took effect in October 1997.
Johnson, a popular sprinter on the school's track team, was declared brain-dead and removed from life support a day after the crash.
A majority of officials at Japanese transplant centers feel declaring patients brain-dead to retrieve their organs is a burden that should be changed, according to Health and Welfare Ministry officials.
The Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry on Wednesday proposed easing restrictions on organ donations so that people can donate their organs to close family relatives in the event they become brain-dead.
Doctors at Kyoto University Hospital on Sunday transplanted a liver removed from a brain-dead woman in her 40s in Akita Prefecture to a patient suffering from bile disease in the nation's sixth transplant case involving a brain-dead organ donor.
Prime Minister Keizo Obuchi said Friday he will carefully follow developments on the nation's first application of a 1997 law that spells out conditions for organ transplants from brain-dead donors.
THE HELP'' is an abysmally cartoonish class-warfare sitcom about the beleaguered servants subjected to constant abuse by the brain-dead, ridiculously pampered members of a wealthy family.