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Synonyms for brain wave

a sudden exciting thought

Synonyms for brain wave

(neurophysiology) rapid fluctuations of voltage between parts of the cerebral cortex that are detectable with an electroencephalograph

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83Hz corresponds to the alpha brain wave, which ranges from seven to 14 cycles per second.
But Miller says that the brain wave study indicates "a lot of overlap in these two systems.
Caption: While sleeping, this Australian dragon shows brain wave patterns similar to those of slumbering birds and mammals.
Depending on the level of consciousness, normal people's brain waves show different rhythmic activity.
Lastly, sensorimotor rhythm (SMR) is a specific brain wave frequency (12-15 Hz) associated with elevated performance (Demos, 2005).
During these games, the children are rewarded when they manage to alter positively their brain wave pattern, which stimulates their commitment.
When an identifiable pattern emerged, the subjects were immediately awakened and asked what they were dreaming about, a process that was repeated about 200 times for each person, creating a database of dream subjects and corresponding brain wave patterns.
The hope is that imagined words can be uncovered by "reading" the brain waves they produce.
Right now, clinical subjects have been able to type one letter every 10 to 15 seconds based on brain wave analysis.
The first letter of each word represents a different brain wave category and its corresponding ranges measured in Hertz (Hz).
The current increased the activity of normal beta waves -- a kind of brain wave that is usually active during sustained muscle activities, such as holding a book.
The wheelchair analyses brain wave data using signal-processing technology and delivers neuro-feedback to the driver.
EVERYDAY blunders such as accidentally knocking over a cup of coffee or hitting one's head can be predicted in advance by distinct brain wave patterns, a study has found.
The company, Cerebral Data Systems, will take advantage of a new technique developed by UO researchers that should allow much more precise analysis of brain wave data.