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an inner circle of unofficial advisors to the head of a government

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2 percent said no, the Taiwan Brain Trust announced Thursday.
This also included his efforts to promote collaboration with United Kingdom in public interest with Brain Trust International in the field of educational systems and continuous medical professional development.
He is the founder and President of the Brain Foundation and also the Brain Trust Charity, the World Memory Championships, and the World Championships of the Brain.
The Yemeni scientist received this global prestigious award at a ceremony held in London and attended by Yemeni ambassador to the UK, President of the Brain Trust Charity Tony Buzan and the Charity's Executive Director Raymond Nii, as well as members of the British Royal Society of Science and a number of princes and members of the British House of Lords.
The women who comprise The Brain Trust are Dale Cochran, Pauletta Washington, Keisha Nash-Whitaker, Gloria Mitchell, Angelia Sanders and Carol Bennett.
Listening to the faculties of pulp and paper schools and other learned people around the industry, we obviously cannot afford to lose the brain trust we have in the educational system.
In Condi: The Condoleezza Rice Story, readers will find a wealth of often-touted trivia about one of the Bush administration's top advisors: she was the youngest person and first black woman to be named provost of Stanford University, she is, at 48, the youngest ever National Security Advisor, and she remains the brain trust of the President regarding foreign policy.
Margaritis is half of the Theodore William brain trust that has quickly moved from nowhere, to being a contender for any high-end marketing project in Northern Ontario.
JEGI Capital LLC, an affiliate, recently added to its Brain Trust Advisory Board Lamar Alexander, former governor of Tennessee, former candidate for President of the United States, former president of the University of Tennessee, former U.
Louis Stokes (D0Ohio), chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus Health Brain Trust.
Toups, and Senior Vice President, Operations, Tim Martin, have joined The Brain Trust Senior Executives Group.
In fact, co-producer Brian O'Halloran and the brain trust of By George Productions and The Artist's Legacy Project must have had the success of ``Chaperone'' at least somewhat in mind when they elected to send ``Tip-Toes'' back out among the living.
Beginning this month, CE introduces a new department, "B-School Brain Trust," which is roughly the successor of our longtime "Wisdom From Wharton" column.
Kurzweil said, "The NaturalNano Scientific Advisory Board is an outstanding brain trust.
Still, ``Justice's'' brain trust could learn something from ``Bones'' in terms of allowing wit and engaging characters to carry the day.