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an inner circle of unofficial advisors to the head of a government

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In addition to Phillips' unique contribution to the brain trust, FYZICAL has extended this opportunity to Audiologists, Neurologists, and Otolaryngologists (ENTs).
Ahmed Ali Khan, President, Brain Trust (UK), Pakistan Chapter and Niaz Ahmed Siddiki, Ex IG, Sindh Police, also spoke on the occasion.
Ahmed Ali Khan, President, Brain Trust (UK), Pakistan Chapter, and Niaz Ahmed Siddiki, Ex IG, Sindh Police, also spoke on the occasion.
Also supported this year will be Smile Train and Brain Trust UK.
A political firm that has been part of Perry's brain trust is aligning with former Florida Gov.
Backed by Revolution (created by AOL co-founder Steve Case), Shaman Ventures, ZG Ventures, State of Maryland Venture Fund, Brain Trust Accelerator Fund, and Difference Capital, BrainScope is a medical neurotechnology company that is developing hand-held, non-invasive instruments designed to aid medical professionals in rapidly and objectively assessing traumatic brain injury.
As a result, he worked diligently to find the best and brightest individuals for each area of his Administration, and created a lifelong brain trust around him that contributed to his ability to make informed, intelligent decisions and lead with confidence.
Perhaps it is time to assemble a brain trust to examine the possibilities of information access, equitable access, and the means to create a new world of information targeted specifically at young people.
Brain trust: Coach: Rob Beaudette (fifth season, 18-26).
LONDON, June 03 (Saba)- The London-based Brain Trust Charity has bestowed the Yemeni scientist Dr.
"And with his signing, the Seahawks' brain trust has done what it wanted to do to secure the future after winning the Super Bowl: keep the nucleus of a championship organization while maintaining enough room in the salary cap for what's ahead," ESPN analyst stated.
Mike McVay, Cumulus Senior Vice President of Programming, added: "We're very pleased to welcome Rick to the Cumulus corporate programming team, and believe he will be a tremendous asset as we continue to expand our programming brain trust."
From the creators of, this small gem of a book sparkles with delightfully practical ideas, insights and advice from an "incredible brain trust of contributors," including Seth Godin, Dan Andy and Leo Babauta, to help you nurture your creativity and manage your creative output.
But, the brain trust of Congress veterans will be complimented by the Gen X and Y leaders at the Jaipur conclave.