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County Health Executive Joan Mwende said she was aware of the theft of the brain surgery machine.
Minimally access brain surgery techniques use specialized endoscopes with high resolution video cameras to perform surgery of the brain.
This makes it amongst the first few reported cases in Rajasthan, wherein a unique neuro-surgical procedure - "Awake Craniotomy" or "Awake Brain Surgery" has been successfully performed.
So it's very encouraging to hear someone two days after brain surgery to sing and communicate musically in such a strong way," music therapist Davis Knott said.
BY CHRIS SHERRARD A SCHOOL has raised more than PS20,000 to send a pupil to the US for lifesaving brain surgery. Hollie Massey, a Year 10 at Strathearn School in East Belfast, has had a rare brain tumour, Hypothalamic Hamartoma, since June.
To paraphrase him, "In reality, it's not brain surgery that makes the difference, it's nursing care."
On Sunday, physicians decided a brain surgery would be best and an effective medical option because his stroke closely bordered to comatose.
Lewis again had undergone brain surgery earlier this month, when a source close to the union leader said, "Cancer may be back."
Epilepsy patients have found a new cure for their life-long disability, thanks to a specialised brain surgery introduced by doctors in Abu Dhabi.
Neurosurgeons at North Shore University Hospital (NSUH) have begun utilizing Synaptive Medical Inc.'s Modus V, a fully-automated, robotic digital microscope to perform brain surgery. Modus V, with its robotic arm derived from Canadarm technology used on the International Space Station the same robotic arm technology used by NASA to deploy, capture and repair satellites in space has been integrated by NSUH neurosurgeons in a medical first in the tri-state area.
Summary: UAE doctors remove tennis-ball sized tumour in an 'awake brain surgery'
An Indian musician who strummed a guitarduring brain surgery to treat painful muscle spasms in his hand says he hopes to release his first album next year.
ABBOTTABAD -- The Neurosurgery Department of Ayub Teaching Hospital (ATH) Abbottabad on Tuesday performed first brain surgery of four years old kid in Hazara known as Encephalocele in medical terminology.