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the part of the brain continuous with the spinal cord and comprising the medulla oblongata and pons and midbrain and parts of the hypothalamus

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The study emphasizes the same for our brains, that age-related brain stiffening has a significant impact on the function of brain stem cells.
This study shows the same is true in our brains, and that age-related brain stiffening has a significant impact on the function of brain stem cells.
Nevertheless, DHA remains committed to the restoration of hearing and resorts to the latest brain stem cell techniques to treat the patient.
Traumatic brain stem hemorrhages could be classified as primary and secondary.
Two days after his surgery George was diagnosed with an inoperable stage 1 to 2 brain stem glioma tumour.
The second important study recently published demonstrated the impact of vitamin D on brain stem cells in a mouse model of multiple sclerosis (MS).
Data was collected after Institutional Ethical Committee permission from participants by using the pre-validated questionnaire, and at the end of data collection participants were asked to fill pledge forms and Donor cards in order to see their wish to donate the organs after Brain stem death.
Due to the location of the cancer in the brain stem, surgery is not possible.
Opioid receptors are located in the brain, brain stem, spinal cord, intestines, and other organs.
Judith's husband Richard is fighting back after a brain stem stroke in 2012 left him completely paralysed.
When young brain stem cells split in two, they wall off damaged proteins in one daughter cell, leaving the other spry and ready to divide again, researchers report in the Sept.
Neurotoxic envenomation presents as a broad spectrum starting from ptosis and ophthalmoplegia to respiratory arrest and loss of brain stem reflexes mimicking brain death, thus prompting clinical staff to consider withdrawing ventilator support, which is harmful.
The tests clearly showed the presence of a tumor at the base of the brain,[bar] which was causing pressure on the fifth nerve and brain stem, leading to the repeated pains, the daily said.
LUNENBURG -- Kate Arpano, 5, of Lunenburg, was diagnosed with an inoperable tumor on her brain stem, DIPG, on Aug.