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Synonyms for memory



hard disk

Synonyms for memory

the power of retaining and recalling past experience

an act or instance of remembering

Synonyms for memory

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Increasing of the mental abilities: the brain memory capacity, the speed of learning, thinking, calculation, analysis, communication, decision making process, accretion of the quotient of the intelligence, elimination of the brain forgets processes and so on.
79) Brain memory regions of young and old rats fed either a blueberry diet or control diet were subjected to an inflammatory challenge and then examined for production of a protein that would indicate a normal protective response to stress.
Because the information about cars is stored in multiple brain areas and cross-referencing occurs among these areas when we think about cars, connecting networks of dendrites sprout among these brain memory storage areas.
Too little challenge or not enough change and environmental enrichment leads to atrophy of the brain memory area and probably loss of memory.
During flehmen, the Jacobson's organ, a small sensory mass between the brain and the nasal passages, gathers airborne material onto its sensitive tissue and subjects it to analysis by brain memory banks or instinctive data.