brain fever

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meningitis caused by bacteria and often fatal

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At the time it was thought that they would cause brain fever and imminent death; 1950: A forest fire in British Columbia caused the moon to appear blue in Britain.
After winning only 43.8 percent of the vote in his race for president as the Liberal Republican/ Democratic candidate, Greeley soon died from a brain fever. Some claim he died partially of a broken heart over the public repudiation at the national polls.
Cases of infants who developed brain fever after being infected with influenza were also reported.
Her mother, Marie (also a "nervous" mulatta [80]) suffers from "brain fever and nervous prostration" (107) when remanded into slavery upon her husband's death, and Iola's sister Gracie dies of the "nervous shock," just like two other "poor girls," we are told, who are similarly struck dead "as surely as if from a blow" (100).
Leaving his family for the university, Frankenstein had pursued nature to her hiding places and wrested from her the secret of life, creating a creature that struck him as so horrible he abandoned it and succumbed to brain fever. The creature later tells Frankenstein of his escape from the laboratory, his glimpse of the good life he has been denied in the cottagers, being taught to hate by humans, and taking revenge on his absentee creator by killing Frankenstein's young brother.
Richard then returns, but, when he hears of the libertine's insult to Lucy's honor, he challenges him to a duel, is badly wounded, and on recovery learns that Lucy has died of brain fever. Richard is mentally broken, and the failure of his father's system is complete.
Summary: New Delhi [India], August 6 (ANI): The Chacha Nehru Hospital located in New Delhi's Geeta Colony area reportedly refused to admit a five-month-old girl child suffering from brain fever on Saturday.
Apart from traffic jams and impact on road connectivity, people in the two Telugu states are also suffering from seasonal diseases including Chikungunya, Dengue fever and brain fever or Japanese encephalitis.
Shahid is battling for his life against suspected and potentially contagious brain fever at the Royal Hospital's intensive care unit.