brain fever

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meningitis caused by bacteria and often fatal

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He has been under our care for nearly six weeks, suffering from a violent brain fever.
The consequence of this imprudence was something like an apoplectic fit, followed by a rather severe brain fever - '
Summary: New Delhi [India], August 6 (ANI): The Chacha Nehru Hospital located in New Delhi's Geeta Colony area reportedly refused to admit a five-month-old girl child suffering from brain fever on Saturday.
Apart from traffic jams and impact on road connectivity, people in the two Telugu states are also suffering from seasonal diseases including Chikungunya, Dengue fever and brain fever or Japanese encephalitis.
Viruses, bacteria and fungal spores are blown over from one place to another place along with climatic fluctuations increasing the risk of a whole range of infections like respiratory tract infections, conjunctivitis and influenza, in addition to Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), foot and mouth disease, brain fever (Meningitis) etc," he told the Times of Oman on Tuesday.
Srikanth was also laid low with brain fever in what has been a really topsy- turvy year for the youngster but he has fought every battle courageously.
Tra roedd o adra' o'r ysgol yn fachgen naw oed yn dioddef o asthma a'r cyflwr brain fever, fe ddechreuodd ymddiddori mewn lluniau ac arlunio.
For some it is a romantic place of duels and trysts, where suitors in frock coats draw pistols to defend the honour of their betrothed and pallid maidens collapse with brain fever at the slightest adversity.