brain edema

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swelling of the brain due to the uptake of water in the neuropile and white matter

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The initial brain computed tomography (CT) scan revealed an extensive right hemispheric brain edema with a concomitant frontal subfalcine herniation (figure 1a).
For this reason, as an early and first indicator of brain edema, the enlargement of ONSD is seen before the development of papillary stasis.
Some tumors caused significant venous compression and ischemic stroke and significant brain edema (12).
[1.] Jia SW, Liu XY, Wang SC, Wang YF Vasopressin Hypersecretion-Associated Brain Edema Formation in Ischemic Stroke: Underlying Mechanisms.
Gross observation of the whole brains following bTBI induced by moderate blast showed brain edema without focal lesions, contusion, or subarachnoid hemorrhage [Figure 5]b.
Computed tomography scan revealed brain edema and a 13-mm hypodense lesion in the left temporal region (Figure 1).
On the basis of this analysis, the concept of SBI is defined as a complex pathophysiologic process, which is preventable and results from a primary brain injury that triggers a set of inflammatoiy responses leading to ischemia, brain edema, and metabolic alterations, which can cause neuronal death, often in an irreversible manner.
(3,4) Peri tumoral brain edema associated with a meningioma may also suggest a higher-grade lesion or differing variant.
As a previously described method [25], brain edema was measured using ImageJ software as the percentage of hemispheric enlargement, which was calculated by the following formula: [(ipsilateral hemisphere volume - contralateral hemisphere volume)/contralateral hemisphere volume] x 100 [25-27].
Pfister, "Experimental pneumococcal meningitis: cerebrovascular alterations, brain edema, and meningeal inflammation are linked to the production of nitric oxide," Annals of Neurology, vol.
Since there was no etiology like supratentorial lesions or brain edema that could increase the intracranial pressure in our patient, we evaluated the pontin lesion of our patient as primary traumatic brain stem contusion and hemorrhage.
After SAH, BBB disruption is an important pathological change, which contributes to brain edema, thus leading to poor outcomes [3].
The macroscopic and microscopic examination of the lungs and the brain revealed brain edema in 24 (60%) and pulmonary edema in 37 (92.5%) SUDEP cases.
These findings were interpreted as reflecting the development of cytotoxic brain edema, as histological analysis showed cell swelling and narrowed extracellular spacing (Kong et al.