brain drain

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depletion or loss of intellectual and technical personnel

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A benefit not considered in the traditional brain drain literature
Also, Mitcheltree was raised in Pennsylvania, so determining brain drain might be more directly attributed to her home state.
Trevor Phillips of university lecturers' union NATFHE said: "Common sense tells us a brain drain is likely here.
Those following the brain drain in Indiana agree that the phenomenon is hard to track on a consistent basis "Retention information is terrible," Lewellen observes.
Flying in the face of assurances from Jean Chretien, Statistics Canada and others, the alarmist drum beat continues: a southern-focused brain drain is tapping into Canada, drawing off our brain trust, like so much sacred water, to sunnier climes south of the 49th.
The Migration of Knowledge Workers: Second Generation Effects of India's Brain Drain, by Binod Khadria, (Sage Publications, 1999), 240 pp.
Why should we accuse each other of brain drain when we're going to be outsourcing, a worldwide phenomenon.
This unusual book takes a positive approach and explores how a developing nation losing its valuable human resources through brain drain can make the best of the situation.
A little reminiscent of the Demon Headmaster by Gillian Cross, Brain Drain provides a positive link for the reluctant reader, building upon past experiences and moving along.
I think the linguistic flourishes of the Republican Presidential candidates, the unopposed Democratic incumbent, and a host of pundits are an indication of brain drain.
Two theories are currently in the making: the greater Hong Kong theory and the brain drain theory.
Cedric Raine, who left England in the 60s during the brain drain to come to Albert Einstein College of Medicine, has been an NMSS grantee since 1975.
June 23, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Launching this week is LeapFrog's free eight week Summer Camp program to keep kids engaged and learning all summer long -- turning summer brain drain into summer brain gain.
According to him, the proposed university seeks its development based on the platform already created by government to ensure the sustainability of qualitative health care system and to stop the brain drain being experienced in the health sector by producing top quality health professionals for managing the various hospitals in the state.
In some countries, the brain drain has reversed its flow.