brain drain

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depletion or loss of intellectual and technical personnel

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Wikramasekra has categorized a number of strategies which may help reverse or at least reduce Brain Drain.
Experts say the brain drain severely undermines efforts to tackle epidemics of infectious diseases like HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis (TB) and malaria.
"I don't think brain drain is something that we should look down upon but the brain drain has to be converted to brain gain after a while, you know, and that will happen when brain begins to circulate," he said.
This paper examines Africa's emigration Brain Drain, especially focusing on developed or rich countries.
29, Han discussed the topic of Taiwan's brain drain. In the video, Han described the flight of Taiwanese talent and the arrival of migrant workers the situation of migrant workers as "phoenixes flying away and chickens coming in!"
Avidime attributed the high wave of migration of Nigerian doctors to foreign countries, which he described as 'brain drain', to poor working condition, employment discrimination and absence of research facilities, among others.
In addition to brain drain, the topics high school students identified as priorities during research conducted among 16,000 students from across BiH were: the economic and educational system in BiH, youth mobility, peer violence, and hate speech.
It's brain drain is 22 percent and lost youth population at 27 percent.
Israel is suffering from a serious bout of "brain drain" or the emigration of highly trained individuals from its shores.
Johannes Rey of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation believes that with effort from German investors and the Macedonian authorities the brain drain from the country can be stopped.
This development has resulted in the general view that high emigration from Africa has led to brain drain and brain waste.
Although, the more we let go of our professors, engineers and doctors, the more will be our loss in the long run due to the brain drain of the educated and skilled youth.
The TTS has also helped reduce the brain drain from Pakistan.
At the same time, Ambassador Brown stressed the need for the proper governing of labor migration to ensure that human resource investment constitutes brain gain and not brain drain. "We believe that when labor migration is properly governed, fair and effective, it can deliver many benefits and opportunities for migrant workers and their families and it will benefit the host communities.