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a medical specialist in the nervous system and the disorders affecting it

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While brain surgery might not be the sexiest of subjects, if you haven't tuned into new fly-on-the-wall documentary Brain Doctors yet (BBC Two Wales, Wednesday, 9pm) watch it on iPlayer, albeit not after a heavy tea.
DIFFICULT DECISIONS BRAIN DOCTORS BBC2, 9pm I'D love the doctors in this series to point out the part of the brain that makes us choose programmes like this for entertainment.
Brain Doctors (Wednesday, BBC2) follows the work of neurosurgeons and staff at John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford.
WEDNESDAY Brain Doctors (BBC2, 9pm) features the parents of a 30-month-old boy having to decide whether risk a brain tumour operation.
BRAIN DOCTORS BBC2, 9pm The Beeb has seen to it that we're never in short supply of medical dramas.
BRAIN DOCTORS BBC2, 9pm Over the years, the Beeb has always seen to it that we're never in short supply of medical dramas.
However, there''s nothing fictional about Brain Doctors (BBC One, 9pm), which follows neurosurgeons at Oxford''s John Radcliffe Hospital, as they carry out high-risk operations on our most important organ.
High risk, extremely skilled and breathtakingly complex, Brain Doctors features surgeons working at the very frontiers of their medical expertise and knowledge.
Blood to the brain Doctors showed that propping open a clogged neck artery might ease symptoms of depression in elderly people (170: 70).
EXPERTS at Liverpool's Walton Centre for Neurology and Neurosurgery are calling for a dramatic increase in the number of specialist brain doctors after a new report highlighted a national shortage.
THE country's leading brain doctors have warned savage cuts are putting cancer patients' lives at risk.
Other characters - notably sex addict Kev (David Earl) - is what the fast forward button on your SMOOTH OPERATORS BRAIN DOCTORS BBC2, 9pm MODERN medical dramas often give the impression brain surgeons can fix anything just by wielding their charisma like a laser beam.
WEDNESDAY Brain Doctors (BBC2, 9pm) is a gripping three part-series about the most delicate of surgical techniques, tinged with news reports this week about people who have suffered at the hands of surgeons.
Brain Doctors (BBC2, 9pm) More medical real-life drama, this time at Oxford's John Radcliffe Hospital.
I was also told my life was only saved because I was so close to a hospital where they had specialist brain doctors.