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The brain disorder called Wernicke encephalopathy typically occurs in people who have disorders such as anorexia that lead to malnourishment, Khaleej Times reported.
Ideally, to treat a brain disorder, an intervention would be able to control the specific neurons within the circuit that can most powerfully overcome the brain disorder.
Some had brain disorders caused by too much brain growth.
Three months later, Vaughan and his wife, Shelly, were told the speech difficulty was an early symptom of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis - a brain disorder that slowly robs sufferers of their speech and movement and is usually fatal within five years of diagnosis.
According to the National Institute of Mental Health, autism is "a brain disorder that typically affects a person's ability to communicate, form relationships with others and respond appropriately to the environment," symptoms that begin to surface only after the first few years of life.
Cyclotrons, which normally give scientists insight into the origins of the universe, now are giving patients suffering from a potentially lethal brain disorder new leases on life.
Debilitating brain disorders such as Alzheimer's disease are steadily on the increase as our population ages.
During the past decade it has not only produced significant evidence, such as the Cost of Brain Disorders Reports it is also focussed on providing solutions.
Researchers have not considered it possible to treat such a pervasive, early developmental brain disorder as lissencephaly.
A chronic and progressive brain disorder primarily affecting motor function, PD can also impair thinking and emotional function.
Until then, Maurice Chernin had been able to care for himself, even after being diagnosed in 1986 with Parkinson's disease, a brain disorder that impairs muscle control and causes tremors.
To make matters worse, the pharmaceutical industry has begun turning its back on brain disorder research in the face of stricter central nervous system drugs regulation and disappointing financial returns.
Inheritance of a common variant of a gene that influences immunity, gastrointestinal repair, and brain growth substantially raises the chances of developing autism, at least in families with more than one child diagnosed with the severe brain disorder, a study finds.
When injected into mice with an inflammatory brain disorder similar to multiple sclero sis, these versatile cells home in on and destroy certain bloodborne inflammatory immune cells.
During the weeklong sanity phase, two medical experts testified for Pohlmeier, saying he suffered from a brain disorder called frontal lobe syndrome.