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In Sunday's Alan Shearer TV documentary on football and dementia, he admitted he did not know how many PFA members were suffering from brain disease.
CTE is a degenerative brain disease linked to repeated head trauma.
In May the Football Association said it would lead a study into possible links between football and brain diseases.
Lundbeck, a Danish company is the only pharmaceutical company in the world dedicated and entirely focused on research within neuroscience and development and marketing of treatments for brain disease.
In 2014, a Justice for Jeff campaign was launched, which called for an independent inquiry into a possible link between playing football and degenerative brain disease.
RESEARCH IS VITAL WORLD-LEADING researchers have raised PS100,000 as they look to develop treatments for childhood brain diseases in the North East.
CLUB LEGEND Jeff Astle died of a brain disease at 59
A LANDMARK British study has raised the prospect of a pill that can treat brain diseases such as Alzheimer's by halting the death of neurons.
A snapshot of the global therapeutic scenario for Brain Disease.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Researchers have overcome a major challenge to treating brain diseases by engineering an experimental molecular therapy that crosses the blood-brain barrier to reverse neurological lysosomal storage disease in mice.
The researchers had previously shown that more than 100 childhood and adult brain diseases are caused by gene mutations.
1997: Scientists confirm brain diseases link British scientists have said they have established a link between a human brain disease and one found in cows.
Written with obvious passion for music and the mind, this novel will resonate with readers who have experience watching a loved one suffer the decline brought on by brain disease.
Ambulatory blood pressure--not the measurement taken in doctor's office--can best predict the progression of small-vessel brain disease and the decline of cognitive function in older people.
Adults who learn to succeed at various intellectual challenges develop cognitive resources needed to cope with early stages of brain disease, Stern hypothesizes.