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Besides rugby, this degenerative brain disease has been found in former players of ice hockey, soccer, and American football.
It comes after a new study, conducted by a team of international researchers, reviewed existing studies on brain diseases, later publishing a statement on how the condition should be researched in future.
The rather more abundant literature linking stigma to the conceptualization of psychiatric diagnoses in bio-genetic terms or as brain disease appears to point in the same direction with reasonable consistency (Angermeyer, Holzinger, Carta & Schomerus, 2011; Kvaale, Haslam & Gottdiener, 2013).
The discovery may also open up more research opportunities for understanding brain diseases and finding cures for them.
Volkow & Morales (2015) consider that the "advances in neuroscience identified addiction as a chronic brain disease with strong genetic, neurodevelopmental, and sociocultural components" (pp.
In Sunday's Alan Shearer TV documentary on football and dementia, he admitted he did not know how many PFA members were suffering from brain disease.
In vivo imaging studies in humans and animal models will continue to provide an evolving picture of the course of alcoholic brain disease through remissions and exacerbations as long-term studies follow human alcoholics as they age and as new initiatives evaluate adolescents before they are exposed to alcohol.
The findings followed a campaign by the family of former England and West Bromwich Albion striker, Jeff Astle, who died aged 59 from a degenerative brain disease due to heading the ball.
He was officially diagnosed with the degenerative brain disease in 1984, three years after he retired from boxing.
Lundbeck established the institute in 1997 to help reduce global burden of brain disease by educating healthcare professionals worldwide.
Astle died aged 59 in 2002 from degenerative brain disease.
TEENAGER Ryan Thompson is battling a brain disease so rare he is the only child in the world to have it.
Jeff Astle, West Bromwich Albion legend and England player, died from a brain disease in 2002, aged 59.