brain death

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death when respiration and other reflexes are absent

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In order to increase the rate of organ transplant from cadavers, it is very important to determine the patients who are terminally ill or have the possibility of brain death and prepare the patient's family/relatives for this process as a result of diagnosing with brain death.4-6 In the intensive care units (ICUs) where healthcare professionals from different disciplines work and the brain death cases are most frequently encountered; in case of such a serious situation experienced by the family of the patients who are a potential organ donor with brain death or has the risk of brain death, the most important factor that will affect the family's decision about organ donation is the attitude and persuasiveness of the ICU team and the feeling of trust they give.
First the donor coordination team which consists of dedicated specialist interventionists explain the process of brain death. Patients admitted in the ICU are ensured full treatment before they are diagnosed as brain death and the number of actual donors is about 24%.
Later Dr Fareena Hanif and Dr Arslan Khan of the SIUT discussed the ethical aspects of brain death and donation of organs from deceased donors.
The concept of brain death, while legally adopted in the US and in large parts of the world, has remained an area of ongoing discussion.
Results of the experiment, to be published on Thursday in the journal Nature, run contrary to long-accepted principles of brain death, which hold that vital cellular activity ceases irreversibly seconds or minutes after oxygen and blood flow are cut off.
However, in case of declaration of brain death and the subsequent decision to withdraw life-saving equipment, the consent of the guardian or custodian will not be taken as per UAE's Medical Liability Law of 2016 and cited in the policy.
Beecher's committee, in a report titled 'A Definition of Irreversible Coma', defined a new state of death -- brain death -- in which patients were unconscious, unresponsive to pain and unable to breathe on their own, and had no basic reflexes (pupils unreactive to light, no gag reflex and so on).
15, 2019, Judge Devin Cohen, justice of the Supreme Court of New York, ordered the hospital to change its records and declare Nakar undead at the moment of brain death.
They presented their findings concerning media, public outreach and aspects of brain death. The workshop was followed by a Q and A session.
Background: Brain death is the irreversible cessation of the function of the brain including the brainstem.
Similarly, the committee recommended that rules be amended to provide that all brain deaths diagnosed by competent professionals be reported to the Human Organ Transplantation Authority (HOTA) and care of brain death person be made mandatory as per international protocols till the family decided for or against donation.
If you haven't worked in an intensive care environment you may never have taken care of a patient with brain death. August 5th marked the 50th anniversary of a Harvard Medical School report and publication that led to a new definition of death based on neurological criteria.