brain dead

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having irreversible loss of brain function as indicated by a persistent flat electroencephalogram

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Although the teenager remains neurologically disabled after the surgery in December, Shewmon said she is not brain dead.
There is a lot of misunderstanding of religion, which people quote as an excuse not to donate or accept organs from brain dead people," he told the GDN.
The director of the hospital where the student was taken to told the CNA that medical staff there had informed his parents that he is brain dead.
The woman was around 15 weeks pregnant when she was declared brain dead by doctors.
PIMS neurosurgeon Dr KhaliquZaman has already indicated that Dr Malik was brain dead after the bullet pierced through his head before it stuck in the brain.
According to him, kidney transplants that can be carried out after taking the organ from dozens of people declared brain dead can save the lives of many people who are on dialysis in Oman, but this practice has not been endorsed by people in the country.
The discovery came months after three doctors, including one appointed by a judge, declared Jahi McMath, 13, brain dead and Alameda County issued a death certificate after her Dec.
During an interview with Loaded magazine, the 'Taken' actor opened up about the tragic death of the 'Wild Child' star following a freak skiing accident five years ago, which left her brain dead, and has confessed that he still expects his wife to walk in through the door of their New York house, the Mirror reported.
The brain dead person is held to have lost integrative unity of the body.
Operations to transplant the heart, liver and kidneys of a boy that began Friday were completed at three hospitals in Japan by early Saturday in the first case in which a child donor under age 6 has been declared brain dead.
Gross: "If a person is declared brain dead, what are the legalities of either taking them off or leaving them on life support and who determines that?
ISSUE: Should hospital have been liable for turnin off life support after brain dead mother delivered her child?
Bahrain people and hospitals would be urged to report cases of clinically brain dead patients and prepare relatives to ensure early donation.