brain damage

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injury to the brain that impairs its functions (especially permanently)

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And when alcohol-related brain damage is on the radar, the focus is often on older street drinkers.
Dobkin's Technique to delay brain damage in heart attack victims is simple: Immediately apply cold, wet compresses to the face of the victim.
She suffered extensive and irreversible brain damage.
He talked to a 17-year-old boy who had brain damage from a car accident, encouraging him to hang in there.
Of the brain-damaged children analyzed, 26% of brain damage occurs in the intrapartum period and can be detected by a Hon fetal heart rate pattern.
Terri's husband and her parents have been locked in a long legal battle over whether to remove the feeding tube that has kept her alive since she suffered severe brain damage in 1990.
Yesterday was Schiavo's 12th day without food or water after the removal of the feeding tube that has kept her alive since she suffered severe brain damage in 1990.
Key Questions: How does the brain damage caused by solvents compare with that caused by cocaine?
Mrs Schiavo, 41, of Florida, suffered brain damage 15 years ago after her heart stopped due to a chemical imbalance.
Meth can cause memory loss, aggression, violence, psychotic behavior, heart problems, brain damage, stroke, and extreme anorexia.
There's no basis at all for claiming that inhalation of mold or mycotoxins or any other mold metabolites causes brain damage in an indoor residential or office environment as people have been claiming.
Ammonia reaches the brain through the blood, where it can cause brain damage.
1988), however, found that both aged drivers and those with brain damage were able to compensate for their limitations at the operational level by making better decisions at the tactical and strategic levels (e.
This book discusses the causes of brain damage and prevention of brain damage, covering such detailed information as Impact Damage--motor vehicle accidents, contact sports, noncontact sports, accidental injuries of children, brain impairment and family violence, assault, psychosurgery, and ECT and permanent brain damage; and Chemical Damage--industroal toxins, agricultural and domestic neurotoxic substances, neuropsychology of alcohol-induced brain damage, neurological and neuropsychological consequences of drug abuse, and neuropsychological consequences of drug malnutrition.
treating brain damage (such as stroke or trauma) and various disorders resulting from damage to the brain