brain damage

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injury to the brain that impairs its functions (especially permanently)

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"I think devised plans should be put in place to treat people and reverse the effects of ECT brain damage. We've been left on the shelf.
However it also reduces blood flow in very small blood vessels in the brain, which may worsen brain damage.
The French nationwide study involved more than a million hospital patients discharged with dementia and alcoholrelated brain damage between 2008 and 2013.
This model was also used in a pharmacological DTI study in which animals were exposed to rasagiline, a selective monamine oxidase B inhibitor, as a potential protective agent against thiamine-deficiency-induced brain damage (Dror et al.
The operation reportedly caused complications that led to brain damage.
Robert Berry and two other physicians in Worcester Superior Court after their 4-year-old daughter, Gracie, was born with brain damage that they say still prevents her from walking and talking.
Even without unconsciousness, any concussion means that there has been brain damage. The damage is on the cellular level--you can't see it on a CT scan or MRI, and those tests are not helpful and not needed after an ordinary concussion unless there's a suspicion of a skull fracture or other problems.
At the end of November 2008, the child suffered from cardiac arrest with severe brain damage and was subsequently in a persistent vegetative state with his body paralysed.
"Concerns are growing that it is just a matter of time before a child is left with serious and permanent complications such as eye disorders, deafness or brain damage, or even dies," a PHW spokesman added.
Heroic Katie-Lou McLean, 14, was left with brain damage after trying to save friend Tempany Sylvester, 13, who was swept out to sea in Eyemouth.
Human placenta-derived mesenchymal stem cells transplanted into the brains of newborn rats with birth-related brain damage survived and migrated, according to a study presented at a recent medical conference.
Rohan Wray, 22, and Chana Al-Alas, 19, of Islington, north London, were charged after their baby Jayden died from brain damage two years ago.
Objective: The objective of the present study is to observe the difference in the performance of schizophrenia, brain damage patients and normal individuals in their performance on Bender Gestalt Test.
Both Schizophrenia and Brain damage is characterized by cognitive deficits.