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massive reef-building coral having a convoluted and furrowed surface

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Or ask a brain coral about sex in the sea--this site provides a scintillating glimpse of the reproductive habits of sea creatures.
Early designs are abstract, often based on the patterns of brain coral.
Bygones beach-- knobby brain coral broken from a dying reef.
In the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea to the north, and Atlantic to the south, there are 40 species of coral, including the world's largest known brain coral.
John, where you may spot sea turtles in the sea grass, rays, elkhorn and brain coral, translucent needlefish, or tarpon.
He created an impressive entry with fossil stone tiles imbedded with brain coral.
Multiple conducting systems and the control of behaviour in the brain coral Meandrina meandrites (L.
A tiny royal gramma, its front half iridescent violet, its back half an electric orange, pecks among brain coral.
It takes about an hour and you get to see the largest brain coral in the world.
Coral grows slowly under the best conditions--a brain coral the size of a basketball may be 50 years old, and even the fastest growing branching coral averages only seven inches a year--and regrowth is further impeded when water quality is less than ideal.
Affected were Brain Corals species locally called tampulong and binagong.
The underwater visuals have shown the coral debris and boulders caused by the 2004 Tsunami, at the same time, also capturing some locations where the rejuvenation of the colonies of branching corals, stony coral, brain corals was observed.
When we snorkel or scuba-dive on reefs, the amazing diversity of structures we see--the massive elkhorn corals, brain corals, big platy corals--are all produced by tiny coral polyps.
39) while working with brain corals, suggests that as depth increases, juvenile density also increases.