brain coral

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massive reef-building coral having a convoluted and furrowed surface

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This summer, I followed Lucas's directions and there was the brain coral, precisely where he had said it would be.
This is because the causal effect of the temperature over the brain coral can be positive or negative; high or low temperatures (below or above 24 [degrees]C) can have negative effects, but temperatures near 24 [degrees]C are optimal to the development of brain coral, in other words, has a positive causal effect; something similar happens with salinity.
One time, Elke showed me a "graveyard" of brain coral, remnants of the mistakes of previous "devil-opers"--as activist Everton "Kocks" Bell calls them.
Swimmy and Happy always like to explore the strange brain coral with all its curvy and wavy bumps.
This ruby brittle star (above) sits on a brain coral, its gangly arms ready to reach out and snatch freshly spawned eggs.
They say it takes a brain coral 1,000 years to grow to the size of a human head, and I swam over brain coral the size of a kitchen table.
Deadly sea What is the brain coral dreaming in the warm deep of this deadly sea?
Stolen specimens included bubble, leather and brain coral.
The dark interior of the cave highlights the natural brilliant color of brain coral, leather coral, bubble coral, and star polyps.
Or ask a brain coral about sex in the sea--this site provides a scintillating glimpse of the reproductive habits of sea creatures.
Early designs are abstract, often based on the patterns of brain coral. Some designs are about religion, myth or dreams.
Goodyear has unveiled its design of a sphere-shaped tyre with 3D-printed tread pattern based on a 'brain coral' that could represent the largest advance to tyre technology since vulcanised rubber.
Bygones beach-- knobby brain coral broken from a dying reef.