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Synonyms for concussion

Synonyms for concussion

violent forcible contact between two or more things

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injury to the brain caused by a blow

any violent blow

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"One of them had a serious brain concussion," he said.
Repeated and prolonged sport-related brain concussion has been shown to have a potential for long-term brain problems in athletes, particularly boxers.
Called the "hidden epidemic" (1), brain concussion is a poorly understood entity, which is frequent but under-reported, serious and costly for society.
* Why Is Interest in the possible long-term effects of Hillary Clinton's brain concussion intrusive, sexist, and unfair, but delving Into Sarah Palin's medical records to determine if she actually had given birth to her new baby Is manifestly valid?
Holt died from a "brain concussion" in 1867, aged 55.
The 24-year-old woman has received a brain concussion, while the man, in his 30s, has sustained a broken ankle.
Hillary Clinton, goes back to work today (Monday 7 January) after almost one month sick leave due to an intestinal viral infection followed by a brain concussion which caused a blood clot for which she had been hospitalized.
Out of the 113 RTA victims 87 (76.9%) suffered with one or more types of brain injuries, among the brain injured victims (87) almost all had 87 (100.0%) pneumocephalus, 85 (97.7%) were had intracranial hemorrhage, 42(48.2%) had brain edema, 39 (44.8%) had brain concussion, 13 (14.9%) had brain laceration, Of the 113 victims a total of 44(38.9%) were suffered with Facial bone fractures, among the 44 facial bone fractures nasal bone fractures were commonest 21(47.7%), followed by Teeth dislocation 10 (22.2%), Jaw bone fracture were 8 (18.1%), and Maxillary fracture were only 5 (11.3%).
Detainee Ruslan Duisheev's mother Duisheeva Kalizat cried at the press conference and his father told that his son was beaten with reinforcement bar and received brain concussion. Special means can be used in mass disorders, in case of threats for detention facility staff or mass attacks, but throwing smoke pellets inside the detention facility is excessive, attorney Joldoshbek Kyzy Lilia said.
of Iowa) discuss the assessment and treatment of adults and children with mild traumatic brain injury (TBI) or brain concussion who do not fully recover within three to six months.
A Ferrari statement said: "Following a complete medical examination it emerged that he had suffered a cut to the forehead, bone damage to the skull and a brain concussion."