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Synonyms for concussion

Synonyms for concussion

violent forcible contact between two or more things

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injury to the brain caused by a blow

any violent blow

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Although the initial prognosis of brain concussion is reassuring, significant short and long term complications may occur (15-20).
The 24-year-old woman has received a brain concussion, while the man, in his 30s, has sustained a broken ankle.
Hillary Clinton, goes back to work today (Monday 7 January) after almost one month sick leave due to an intestinal viral infection followed by a brain concussion which caused a blood clot for which she had been hospitalized.
Detainee Ruslan Duisheev's mother Duisheeva Kalizat cried at the press conference and his father told that his son was beaten with reinforcement bar and received brain concussion.
of Iowa) discuss the assessment and treatment of adults and children with mild traumatic brain injury (TBI) or brain concussion who do not fully recover within three to six months.
A Ferrari statement said: "Following a complete medical examination it emerged that he had suffered a cut to the forehead, bone damage to the skull and a brain concussion.
A statement by his Ferrari team said: "It emerged he had suffered a cut on his forehead, bone damage to his skull and a brain concussion.
If I didn't have a helmet on, I might have gotten a brain concussion or broke my skull.