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Historically, these tests have been conducted in cancer cells, which often don't match the biology of human brain cells.
Levels of a protein called p53, which helps control cell growth and death, shot up by 80 percent in human brain cells infected with the viral strain responsible for the Zika epidemic in the Americas, Zhang said.
Washington, June 24 ( ANI ): Researchers have claimed to have discovered out how the fatal inherited disorder Huntington's disease kills brain cells.
An estimated 40,000 people in Ireland suffer from the debilitating and fatal brain condition which destroys brain cells, causing progressively worse problems with memory, thinking and behaviour.
What are the implications for disruption of brain cell migration?
The suspicion that these problems may be related to PCBs' effects on the timing and type of brain cell differentiation led to the current study.
When a person reads a sentence, hears a speech, experiences an emotion, or thinks a thought, a cluster or network of brain cells fires in a certain pattern with particular intensity and timing.
Young mice living in a miniature playground built up a startling increase in brain cells, suggesting sports and challenging classes could do the same for kids as late as high school, a researcher says.
Contrary to popular belief, we don't have a limited supply of brain cells.
Just two changes to cancer-related genes in some adult brain cells are enough to spur the genesis of glioblastomas, Inder Verma, a molecular biologist at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies in La Jolla, Calif.
Slotkin of Duke University Medical Center and his colleagues investigated how separate and combined exposures to terbutaline, a drug used to arrest preterm labor, and to the organophosphate pesticide chlorpyrifos affect several indices of brain cell growth and function.
Sound patterns and bobbing behaviors were documented on videotape in experimental chickens that received quail brain cell transplants and in a control group of chickens that received chicken transplants only.
There's no end to what you can learn: One brain cell, or neuron, can have thousands of connections, or synapses, with other brain cells.