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Further fusion or linkages between these elements also occurs in a stereotypical fashion, and the exits of the cranial nerves from the brain bear a distinct relationship to the various original brain case components.
For all our ability to comprehend the wide universe, our internal universe is destined to disappear after an instant in time, leaving only the brain case as a reminder of our existence.
The prehistoric child died at around age 1 but already possessed a brain case that was at least three-quarters the size of that for an average adult H.
The face was intact, with many teeth in place, and surrounded by several pieces of the individual's brain case.
Neandertals and humans share a generally similar growth pattern for the brain case, face, jaw, and teeth, the investigators note.
As the skull flexes, the cranium becomes rounder and the face shortens and retracts until it's directly under the brain case.
A wide, mammal-style brain case gives the animal its genus name--Hadrocodium, which is Greek for full head--Luo says.
These characteristics include a long, narrow brain case and eye sockets set relatively low on the face.
A small brain case topped by a bony crest resembles an explorer's helmet perched perilously above a colossal set of choppers.
The team assigned the child to modern Homo sapiens because of the shape of its brain case, the rounding of its forehead, and the slenderness of the limb bones.
The brain case appears low for an archaic human and shows significant widening toward the middle.
Her spinal column was pushed up into her brain case.