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trimming used to decorate clothes or curtains

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Written by Chinese-Americans who own a braiding company and are now highly qualified, that wasn't always the case.
"Just as those who provide hair braiding services are primarily African-American women and African and Caribbean immigrant women, the primary consumers who utilize hair braiding services are African-American women and African and Caribbean immigrant women," Murphy wrote.
At this time, the furcated braiding process can be used to customize Teleflex Medical OEM's high-strength Force Fiber OrthoTape Braid, a flat tape, and Force Fiber Fusion Suture, a product that transitions from round suture to a flat center and back to round suture in one seamless strand.
We present the algorithm as favorable for 3D braiding manufacture automation, capable of ushering significant advances by optimizing technological processes, shortening the design cycle, and improving design and product quality.
9CURL OR WAVE FIRST Braiding curly or wavy hair will give the style an instant boost and added volume, especially around the crown.
Brantley, who has been braiding hair professionally in Dallas for more than 30 years, told a House committee last month that she doesn't use scissors or combs - just her hands.
In one scene two workers, a girl dressed in red and a young woman dressed in green, are occupied with loop braiding. The girl is holding the braid at one end in her right hand and is beating the fell with the left.
4 Repeat the braiding and softening action with the section you left out in step 1, so you now have two separate plaits.
Church rummage sales, thrift shops and friends who know I am braiding are my best resources for wool.
Features with easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions are all of the techniques necessary including twisting, knotting, interloping, weaving, braiding, loopwork, ply-split darning, working with beads, and creating braids from start to finish.
a: I've started locs using various techniques: the comb/coil, twisting, braiding, hand coiling, as well as loc extensions.
A high temperature sintering process is used to apply the Turcon coating to the glass braiding. For more details, contact: 260.749.9631 or
Polyester braiding, including the tracer line, is applied to enhance pressure-carrying capabilities.
(Later, as I need to add to the strips while braiding, I sew the ends with a darning needle and #8 thread.)