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Synonyms for braid

Synonyms for braid

a hairdo formed by braiding or twisting the hair

trimming used to decorate clothes or curtains

make by braiding or interlacing


decorate with braids or ribbons

form or weave into a braid or braids


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In North Carolina, for instance, lawmakers passed legislation in 2010 requiring braiders to be licensed, with the test being administered only in English.
In 2011, the Florida House approved a bill that would deregulate 14 licensed occupations, including auctioneers, athlete agents, hair braiders, interior designers, and professional fundraising consultants and solicitors.
Braider said he sees a lot of crossover between departments, where, for example, journalism students can take courses in information science.
This approach permits Braider to present Jan Steen as a satirical painter who undermined the ostensive Calvinist moralism of his pictorial themes through his attention to sensuous detail and his inclusion of comic figures.
They were fascinated at the breadth of our products from ignition wire, to Teflon braider suture threads, to air hose protection for jet fighter ejection seats, to the everyday common braid or rope.
The Wild West Wagon and Pony Playset includes a hair braider for you and your pony.
Two examples here would be Conair, which is making an instructional video available for its new battery-operated hair braider, and Capresso, which has some of its specialty retail partners go to the consumers' homes to set up their new machines and teach them the ins-and-outs of operating them.
The bill was pushed by longtime braider Isis Brantley, who has called for a rule change for years.
Linda Cordi, a braider working in a nearby stall, said she suffered a strong electrical shock when she tried to close the door to her stall.
Scarlata has headed Colonial since the late seventies, when the company consisted of one full-time officer, one two-hour per week assistant -- Judy Wentzel -- and one retired gentleman who worked as a voluntary braider because he enjoyed the job.
Three decades into her career as a hair braider, Isis Brantley has struggled with lawsuits and regulatory hurdles.
Bea was a proud grandmother of 9 college educated grandchildren, former President of East Kendall Street School Mothers Club, avid rug braider, and card player.
In order to meet the requirements of rubber hose manufacturers, Rockwell developed and produced the 225-II shuttle-type maypole braider (maypole working principle) with a braiding speed of 225 rpm.
She was employed as a weaver and braider for many years at the former Thomas Taylor and Sons Co.
ARC's 3-D braider is said to eliminate the low throughput and high cost of earlier 3-D braiding technology with production speeds five times faster than its predecessor.