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woven by (or as if by) braiding

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When the braided man had completed this strange tale Dorothy nearly laughed, because it was all so absurd; but the Wizard tapped his forehead significantly, to indicate that he thought the poor man was crazy.
I'm sure she will be greatly pleased," said Dorothy, who remembered the Braided Man well; and the Wizard introduced the guest to the rest of the company and made him sit down in a chair and keep quiet, for, if allowed, he would talk continually about his flutters.
Human hair braid wig is an affordable braided wig, easy to wear and quite affordable.
Braided fishing lines offer excellent performance for many inshore fishing situations.
Porsche's new 911 Turbo S Exclusive Series will be the first car ever to feature braided carbon fiber wheels as an option, the German carmaker recently announced.
Braided sprinkler hoses are designed with an external stainless steel wire woven sleeve providing the necessary strength to withstand internal forces from system pressures, while the corrugated tubing underneath is able to remain relatively unaffected and flexible.
10ADD EXTENSIONS Long hair is best for some braided styles but don't worry if yours is short or layered - simply add clip-in hair extensions that can be worn when you want.
Limited Tenders are invited for Supply of 1)Ss Bellows Duly Braided With Ss Wires 4" X 15 Mtr Long With Flanges At Both Ends.
Braided Structures and Composites: Production, Properties, Mechanics, and Technical Applications
5 Pull both braided pieces back and across each other.
You can disguise a bad-hair day with Alexa Chung's messy pigtails or Mrs Beckham's side plait, pull everything out of your face with Sienna's pretty French braid, or - our favourite - dress up any ensemble with Pixie Lott's braided crown.
Along with fourteen loose braids--five of which still preserve their looped ends--five woven textiles are decorated with loop braided laces, thus adding up to a total of nineteen laces.
As an added bonus for Sturbridge shoppers, each purchase of an American made Sturbridge exclusive 8' x 11' braided rug equates to a matching 2' x 3' rug for free.
Even going for braids, like the full braid or a braided bun or a just a section of hair braided while the rest is left open/tied back, has been the trend during the wedding season.