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woven by (or as if by) braiding

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When the braided man had completed this strange tale Dorothy nearly laughed, because it was all so absurd; but the Wizard tapped his forehead significantly, to indicate that he thought the poor man was crazy.
"I'm sure she will be greatly pleased," said Dorothy, who remembered the Braided Man well; and the Wizard introduced the guest to the rest of the company and made him sit down in a chair and keep quiet, for, if allowed, he would talk continually about his flutters.
Follow our how-to guides to create these beautiful braided hair styles...
Follow our how-to guides to create these three beautiful braided hair styles...
Follow our howto guides to create these three beautiful braided hair styles...
I tend to work around the circumference of my head so if I don't finish it, I can easily tie it up and hide the hair I haven't braided. The process can take 5-10 hours.
"I'd been getting my hair braided for many years and I've never thought about [their licensing requirements].
[3] Starting under your ponytail elastic to hide the ends, weave the braided pieces across the front of the head and loop the braids so they hit right over the ear.
Human hair braid wig is an affordable braided wig, easy to wear and quite affordable.
Braided fishing lines offer excellent performance for many inshore fishing situations.
Porsche's new 911 Turbo S Exclusive Series will be the first car ever to feature braided carbon fiber wheels as an option, the German carmaker recently announced.
3D braided preforms are fabricated by traditional maypole braiding (slotted horn gear matrix) or innovative four-step braiding (track and column) or more recently by 3D rotary braiding [2, 3].
Plus, I just love Cara Delevigne so anything that makes me look like her is a bonus!" Six braided styles in just over an hour, even Usain Bolt would struggle to beat that time!
Most are manufactured from an austenitic grade of stainless steel, however some designs are "braided" hoses, while others are "non-braided" (corrugated).