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Synonyms for braid

Synonyms for braid

a hairdo formed by braiding or twisting the hair

trimming used to decorate clothes or curtains

make by braiding or interlacing


decorate with braids or ribbons

form or weave into a braid or braids


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ROPE BRAIDS AT Max Mara, models including Kaia Gerber and Gigi Hadid were given a super-sleek rope braid tied with a long leather cord.
Follow our howto guides to create these three beautiful braided hair styles...
To create a 'three lines' triple braid, add a little volumising powder to make the hair easier to grip, then position your Dutch braids about an inch apart, starting above your ear.
And Braid has the comfortable etiquette of a socialite, no doubt a natural flair, but formally developed during her years working in public relations and event planning.
[3] Starting under your ponytail elastic to hide the ends, weave the braided pieces across the front of the head and loop the braids so they hit right over the ear.
Many reels now come braid-ready, such as the Penn Clash with the patented "Braid Ready Spool." This is a small rubber liner on the inside of the spool, that the braid bites into when taught, preventing it from slipping as it would on bare metal.
The growing incidents of braid cutting have forced people to form local committees in every locality who remain awake throughout the night to ensure no such incident occurs.
It is to mention here that more than 150 incidents of braid chopping have been reported in the Kashmir Valley in the last two months.
The said that braid chopping incidents is a conspiracy and a effort to stop the people of Kashmir from demanding their right of freedom and adding that such incidents will boost up the struggle of freedom among the people of Kashmir.
"Incidents of mysterious braid cutting occurred in south and central Kashmir.
# Side Braid: Braid is one comfortably quick hairstyle and has been a part of Indian hairstyles for ages.
That continues here as I share my experience using Berkley Trilene Braid and Berkley's unique "unifilament" line NanoFil.
Matrix A00 represents the carrier arrangement of the main body for 4x4 braid, in which each element [a.sub.02], [a.sub.04] ...
The team at Barbara Daley Hair and Beauty challenged ECHO reader Zoey Geddes, 18, from Woolton, to visit their braid bar to see how many gold medal winning styles she could achieve in record time.