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of or relating to or characteristic of a brahmin


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In addition to the religious aspects, the PCK also displays a distinguished local identity thanks to the Nalatiyar and the Tirukkural quotations, which function as cultural signifiers of "Tamil-ness." The Tirukkural stood for centuries at the center of debates about the history of Tamil and its status vis-a-vis Sanskrit and Brahminical learning.
On the one side it is constructing or restructuring their new domain by generating new faith towards Dalit cultural resources and on the other side it helps to deconstruct and subvert the Hindu social structure based on the Brahminical code of conducts and the notion of pollution and purity by negating the exploitative and discriminative Brahminical philosophy (Narayan, 2009).
Among the major Indian religious and mythical literature, only Brahminical and Buddhist literature gives information about these mythical serpent-human creature or Nagas.
The Arya Samajist glorified Hinduism by rejecting the conservative brahminical rituals and Hindu traditions.
In them, the personal and the public conflate, which allows for a better understanding of Narayan's Brahminical views and his relation to the world around him.
According to Husken, the Vinaya ruling regarding the menstruation cloth does at the same time appear to be have been formulated by taking Brahminical concerns into account.
A follower of Basavanna, a 12th century social reformer who objected to rule of the priestly class, Dr Kalburgi had criticised idol worship and Brahminical traditions.
Of all his works dealing with the relation of brahminical and Islamic thought, we are told by contemporary sources that his original work, Majma'-ul Bahrain, and his translation of the Sirr-i Akbar were what provoked the charge.
Raised in some natural affinity with Delhi's liberal-secular establishment, convent schooled and educated in India's and Britain's elite universities, they had partly been trained, in the absence of earlier alternatives, in Doordarshan, which itself represented, in the words of a lower-ranked employee, an 'accumulation of Brahminical whites' (interview, 27 March 2003).
Ancient sacred texts produced by the Brahminical elite are arguably idealized prescriptions rather than entirely reflective of lived reality.
To the credit of the author, he is able to discover an obscure leader--Tarabai Shinde--who represented a feminist and subaltern movement against male domination in the brahminical society.
The Jatis were hypothetically and formally grouped by the Brahminical texts under the four well known categories (the varnas): viz Brahmins (scholars, teachers, fire priests), Vaishyas (agriculturists, cattle raisers, traders, bankers), Kshatriyas (kings, warriors, law enforcers, administrators), Shudras (artisans, craftsmen, service providers).
If as Poynting argues Monar rejects "brahminical" or orthodox