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of or relating to or characteristic of a brahmin


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and to a host of inequities his own male Brahminical privilege would not
Although the SCs within Sikh community form a major chunk of the Punjab population, the Brahminical practice of societal stratification on the basis of caste was ineffective in Punjab.
In order to make the novels accessible to readers who are not familiar with Narayan's longer fiction, Ramanan briefly outlines their plots: he foregrounds Narayan's recurrent Brahminical concerns, while also considering the personal, social and political issues that each novel tackles and elaborates upon.
Purandare not only projects Shivaji as a protector of the Brahminical order (which may not be true, considering the Peshwas refused to recognise him and boycotted his coronation - he had to bring in priests from Benaras to do the honours).
Within the Dalit literary tradition, the narratives by the women writers of the community stand out since their alienation is twofold as it is caused by both Brahminical and patriarchal values.
Of all his works dealing with the relation of brahminical and Islamic thought, we are told by contemporary sources that his original work, Majma'-ul Bahrain, and his translation of the Sirr-i Akbar were what provoked the charge.
As early as the seventeenth century, writers had remarked on the strangeness of the Brahminical diet.
Raised in some natural affinity with Delhi's liberal-secular establishment, convent schooled and educated in India's and Britain's elite universities, they had partly been trained, in the absence of earlier alternatives, in Doordarshan, which itself represented, in the words of a lower-ranked employee, an 'accumulation of Brahminical whites' (interview, 27 March 2003).
Ancient sacred texts produced by the Brahminical elite are arguably idealized prescriptions rather than entirely reflective of lived reality.
Joshi, in his survey of more than 150 Vishnu images in the State Museum at Lucknow, Catalogue of Brahminical Sculptures in the State Museum at Lucknow, Part 2, vol.
To the credit of the author, he is able to discover an obscure leader--Tarabai Shinde--who represented a feminist and subaltern movement against male domination in the brahminical society.
The Jatis were hypothetically and formally grouped by the Brahminical texts under the four well known categories (the varnas): viz Brahmins (scholars, teachers, fire priests), Vaishyas (agriculturists, cattle raisers, traders, bankers), Kshatriyas (kings, warriors, law enforcers, administrators), Shudras (artisans, craftsmen, service providers).
Following the introductory overview of the evolving social situation of Dalits, papers explore ritual and economic issues of untouchability in pre-colonial Brahminical law books, the religious literature of the untouchables who were among the bahkti saints, untouchability and the Indian nationalist movement, Dalit theology and the politics of untouchability among the Indian Christian churches, the post-independence construction of Dalit identity as a social category, non-official systems of cast discrimination in post-independence Uttar Pradesh, and caste as a political mobilizer among the leather workers of Mumbai.
what Monar sees as the ossifications of brahminical Hinduism, a