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Synonyms for brahmin

a member of a social and cultural elite (especially a descendant of an old New England family)

a member of the highest of the four Hindu varnas

the highest of the four varnas: the priestly or sacerdotal category


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any of several breeds of Indian cattle

References in classic literature ?
Then Purun Bhagat smiled, for he remembered that his mother was of Rajput Brahmin birth, from Kulu way--a Hill-woman, always home-sick for the snows--and that the least touch of Hill blood draws a man in the end back to where he belongs.
He is of the Plains--but pale-coloured--a Brahmin of the Brahmins.
Here, on the night when the shrine was completed, Vishnu the Preserver appeared to the three Brahmins in a dream.
And the Brahmins knelt and hid their faces in their robes.
One age followed another--and still, generation after generation, the successors of the three Brahmins watched their priceless Moonstone, night and day.
PVC & UPVC pipe line for street stand post at Chatapara South Dhadka Kalla Brahmin Para & Repairing of pipe line at Nichu Para & RC1 Dhadka Kali Mandir at Ward No.
In the video, he says his life was under threat from a fellow prisoner, Vasudev Brahmin.
A Brahmin outfit in Rajasthan has threatened to disrupt shooting of the film, claiming it has an "indecent portrayal" of Rani Laxmibai, a Brahmin.
The Dutts are a unique Saraswati Brahmin warrior clan that over the centuries have excelled in bravery and spiritual purity.
Well, Kohli doesn't have any princely state in his background, though his Brahmin wife has her caste in common with Ms Tagore.
With an objective of creating a marriage platform for prospective brides and grooms, Coimbatore Brahmana Mahasabha and Ayyappan Puja Sangham in association with Sri Sankara Matrimony is organizing a 'Mega Matrimony Meet' for Brahmin Community on 3rd December-2017 at Coimbatore.
Mumbai: The troubles for Sanjay Leela Bhansali's Padmavati seems to be endless, after the Karni Sena and Kshatriya groups, Brahmin outfit Sarv Brahmin Mahasabha has opposed the release of the film.
promote policies favoring not only Brahmins but also other, non-Brahmin
Sharma said Pathak joining BJP will help the party consolidate Brahmin votes.
Parajuly, someone who grew up as a member of the Brahmin caste in India, is, like Edith Wharton among the patrician New Yorkers who were her relatives and friends, an insider keenly aware of the ironies of deficient human beings who carry unwarranted confidence in their bloodlines.