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That's the maxim that the new web series “Total Bragging Rights” puts to the test in its series premiere launched recently on YouTube.
BRAGGING J Philpott on show Philpott had another four biological children with Lisa.
YOU were disappointed with actor Ray Winstone for bragging about not paying tax.
He keeps bragging about how hard Kovalev hits: 'he hit me on the arms and it was like and it was getting hit but nothing I've ever seen'.
However, they sometimes get too involved in bragging and competing with each other, despite the cautions of Mama and Papa Bear who quote St.
Try to stop focusing on this bragging girl and focus more on yourself.
DEJA VU at Dragons' Den where Peter Jones was bragging - yet again - about the massive success he's had with Levi Roots and his Reggae Reggae Sauce.
Reflecting on Veblen's ([1899] 1931) argument, bragging, particularly when supported by evidence may earn social status.
Margasak, the Chicago Reader critic, knew him as someone who went around town bragging about what a huge rock star this Yum-Yum record would make him.
Runners are notorious for bragging about low resting heart rates.
It's an arms war out there and the combatants are competing in many areas-- capacity, performance, acoustics (practically a non-issue), price (at the low end), and bragging rights.
The two companies have been jousting for bragging rights since Advanced Micro Devices, historically a maker of budget processors, released the Athlon last summer.
Legendary baseball player Dizzy Dean once said, "It ain't bragging if you can prove it.
Since many MySpace profiles and blogs are whipped up off campus, and don't contain information on illegal activity, they're the equivalent of a kid bragging in the local McDonalds--irritating to those around him, perhaps, but tough to define as disruptive to school operations.
The new bragging boards appear in the Lodge, a "store-within-the-online-store" shopping and informational hub.