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abnormally slow heartbeat

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Bradycardic is defined as a slow heartbeat rate, usually under 60 beats per minute in adults.
Tachycardiac and bradycardic responses ([DELTA]HR) against [DELTA]MAP were fitted using separate regression lines for both C57 and SOD1 animals (n = 8/group), respectively.
8[degrees]C) but was found to be hypotensive, tachypneic and bradycardic (40 beats per minute (bpm)).
The patient became bradycardic and lost consciousness.
Although the age-dependent decrease in SBP and HR we observed may not be characterized as a hypotensive and bradycardic state, as seen in cases of Kwashiokor and marasmus, it showed a trend in the same direction, i.
Sympatholytic or bradycardic actions of [alpha]2-adrenoceptor agonists may be deleterious in hypovolemic patients or patients with fixed stroke volume.
At presentation to the emergency department, she was hypotensive and bradycardic.
She is given a saline bolus, and her blood pressure normalizes, but she remains markedly bradycardic and complains of feeling weak.
He's bradycardic [experiencing slow heart rate] without any good reason to be bradycardic," Topol said to his colleague, Hashim Khan, watching as a graph of blips roller-coastered across his phone's screen.
In addition, the human dive reflex, a physiological phenomenon similar to the bradycardic reflex (Smith et al.
Bradycardic drugs include beta-blockers, digoxin, amiodarone and calcium channel antagonists.
Double bradycardic effect will occur when digoxin is taken with beta-blockers (Vallerand et al.
Shortly after intubation, he became hypotensive, bradycardic and went into cardiac arrest.
Ocular pressure and chest thumping failed to improve heart rate therefore glycopyrolate, an anticholinergic drug, was given in the bradycardic dogs.