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abnormally slow heartbeat

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Relation of daytime bradyarrhythmias with high risk features of sleep apnea.
She had been hospitalized since May 13, and her illness was diagnosed as bradyarrhythmia and angina after thorough checks, according to the agency.
This innovative feature is designed to screen and monitor Sleep Apnea Syndrome (SAS)2 in bradyarrhythmia patients implanted with a pacemaker, using sensors embedded in the implanted device
When AChE is inhibited by an OP, it is unable to hydrolyze the neurotransmitter acetylcholine (ACh), which reaches toxic concentrations in the neural synapse, causing hyperstimutation of cholinergic receptors, resulting in tremors, lacrimation, and bradyarrhythmia and, if untreated, may become lethal (Costa 2006; Sultatos 1994).
Lactic acidemia and bradyarrhythmia in a child sedated with propofol.
This new pacemaker line is designed to deliver automatic, physiologic pacing adapted to patients who have bradyarrhythmia (slow ventricular rhythms).
2000) argued that too much elevation in parasympathetic stimulation may deteriorate cardiac status and result in a fatal bradyarrhythmia.
An ICD detects arrhythmias, both bradyarrhythmia (slow heart rates) and tachyarrhythmia (fast heart rates), and delivers electrical therapy-pacing pulses or defibrillation therapy as necessary to treat these rhythm disorders and restore normal rate and rhythm to the heart.
With a significant existing bradyarrhythmia, escape junctional beats and rhythms might be seen.