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Synonyms for bradawl

an awl for making small holes for brads or small screws


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I use a tiny bradawl, but scissor point would work just as well.
Use a bradawl to make starting holes, then drill and plug the wall and screw the brackets into place, checking they are level.
QUIZ CHALLENGE: 1 The Great Stour; 2 Charlie%s Angels; 3 On a rope (it is a type of knot); 4 A bradawl; 5 On the Isle of Wight.
Aside from requiring the dexterity of a neurosurgeon, construction requires several lengths of dowling, wire, neutral paint, sequins, bottles, cork, a sock, fabric patterns and a 'bradawl'.
A SHEET steel worker has spoken of his ordeal after he had a bradawl - a sharp tool - plunged into his chest.
Use a bradawl to make pilot holes for the screws and screw the baseplate in place.
You will need: Tin cans (washed out and with the lids carefully removed); bradawl; night lights.
Bradawl: "Like drink driving, it should be an automatic ban."
Source from wine merchants who often sell them cheaply as gift packaging, or search online | Emulsion or eggshell paint | Drill | Eight 1.2mm x 17mm screw hooks | Bradawl | Photos or images for front | Spray acrylic sealant (optional); double-sided tape METHOD: Remove the rope handle, if your box has one.
Use a small screwdriver or bradawl to find the ceiling joists that will support the top of the partition.
A chap at Brian Morrison's work is known as Bradawl (he's a small, boring tool) and West Lothian reader JB says there's a guy at his work who never brings in any food and is known as Middle East (ie.
A collection of tools, including a bradawl, were also included in the capsule.
Richard Steven Brock, 55, of Deegan Close, Stoke Heath, Coventry, having two screws and a nail with homemade handles on a bradawl in a public place without good reason and breach of a conditional discharge, fined pounds 100 and ordered to forfeit the weapon for destruction.
Going to B&Q and venerating at the altar of the bradawl is not something I am comfortable with.