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Synonyms for bradawl

an awl for making small holes for brads or small screws


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A SHEET steel worker has spoken of his ordeal after he had a bradawl - a sharp tool - plunged into his chest.
Use a bradawl to make pilot holes for the screws and screw the baseplate in place.
2mm x 17mm screw hooks | Bradawl | Photos or images for front | Spray acrylic sealant (optional); double-sided tape METHOD: Remove the rope handle, if your box has one.
Use a small screwdriver or bradawl to find the ceiling joists that will support the top of the partition.
A chap at Brian Morrison's work is known as Bradawl (he's a small, boring tool) and West Lothian reader JB says there's a guy at his work who never brings in any food and is known as Middle East (ie.
A collection of tools, including a bradawl, were also included in the capsule.
Richard Steven Brock, 55, of Deegan Close, Stoke Heath, Coventry, having two screws and a nail with homemade handles on a bradawl in a public place without good reason and breach of a conditional discharge, fined pounds 100 and ordered to forfeit the weapon for destruction.
Going to B&Q and venerating at the altar of the bradawl is not something I am comfortable with.
3USING a small screw or a bradawl, mark the position in each hole for the bracket screws.
A GIMLET or a bradawl for starting holes in wood for screws - much easier than getting the power drill out.
Tenders are invited for supply,testing, installation and commissioning of instruments, shop outfit, equipment, Steel Tape, 15 m length, Pliers Insulated, 150 mm, Pliers Side Cutting, 150 mm, Screw Driver, 100 mm, Screw Driver, 150 mm, Neon Tester, Steel Rule 300 mm, Bradawl for Electrician Trade, Slide Wrench 200 mm, Slide Wrench 300 mm, Allen Key, set of 10 pcs, Pulley Puller, Drop forge steel, 3-5 inch size, Wire stripper 20 cm etc.
After an hour, use a bradawl or drill to pierce two opposite sides of the tin half a dozen times.
Tools for the job Flat wood drill bit set, Pozi screwdriver, wood chisels, mallet, saw, bradawl, sandpaper, screwdriver set, tape measure, plane, goggles, dust mask, gloves, dust sheet Wear safety goggles and a dust mask when sawing or planing wood as the dust and wood chippings can cause damage to both eyes and lungs.
To put the brackets in place, mark the screw holes with a pencil, then bore in slightly with a bradawl.