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a small bract


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Bractlet then models the impact of building improvements and equipment options (such as energy-efficient HVAC and lighting or intelligent control systems) to help asset managers determine the ROI of specific building system upgrades.
In addition to making better investment decisions, Bractlet helps building owners execute equipment and system upgrades by providing detailed project specifications, ensuring bids are in scope and priced appropriately.
Bractlet's software has been used to evaluate more than 80 buildings across the United States, encompassing over 25 million square feet of institutional office space.
The homologous bractlets later assumed the role of secreting the reward resin, which is collected by pollinating female bees [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 1 OMITTED].
About the time resin secretion by floral bractlets became associated with reward rather than defense functions, the involucral bracts evolved larger size and often bright colors, apparently as a floral advertisement to pollinators [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 3 OMITTED].
This aptation appears to have evolved twice [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 6 OMITTED] and originated by activation in the sepal tissue of the biosynthetic machinery involved in secretion of reward resin by the staminate bractlets. Hence, the ovary-defense resin may also be viewed as an addition exaptation (the same kind of resin simultaneously plays a defense function in the sepals and a reward function in the staminate bractlets).
The switch from a pollen or fragrance reward to a resin reward may have been facilitated by the fact that these primitive Dalechampia apparently produced triterpene resin from both the pistillate sepals and protective bractlets of the male subinflorescence.
Chemical surveys of Dalechampia species have shown that some of the major constituents of the reward resin are also found in the pistillate sepals and the protective floral bractlets of primitive Dalechampia that are not pollinated by resin-collecting bees (Armbruster, Clausen, and Loquvam unpubl.