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a modified leaf or leaflike part just below and protecting an inflorescence

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In plants with upright inflorescences, microhabitats called phytotelmata may form in the bracts. Each phytotelma consists of a small water reservoir formed by plant structures that have the ability to retain water (Maguire 1971; Machado-Alisson et al.
Every cyme primordium differentiates to form one primary bract and a group of meristem cells (Fig.
Some of the shifts have been aesthetic: decorator poinsettias in lime green, ivory or burgundy, poinsettias whose petal-like bracts are flecked, marbled, splashed and otherwise turned into something that will spur your aunt to wonder what they will think of next.
Extraction of chlorophyll, carotenoid and anthocyanin pigments in the inflorescence bract were analysed on each week.
The edible portion is the basis of the bracts and the bottom of the immature inflorescence, also called head.
However, there are no reports about the relative contribution of leaves, bracts, stalks, and capsule walls to canopy apparent photosynthesis (CAP) in cotton during fruit development, particularly with respect to the contribution of these nonleaf organs to seed development.
Racemes 3.0-8.0(11.0) cm long, (5.0)5.5-6.0 mm wide, on short peduncles (3.0-10.0 mm long), naked or with a few bracts; rachis glabrous.
bryoides based on material from "near Cordoba", "near Tucuman" ( = Lorentz 73), and "near Jujuy", but describing longer leaves (8,5-10 mm vs 6,3-8,5 mm), shorter bracts (4,2-5,3 mm vs.
The analyses of fresh weight and bract color were based on three replicates with three flowering stems per plot.
Mean Upland Trash values ranged from 0.8362g/mL (boll lining) to 1.4735g/mL (bract).
Selection was based on apparent yield potential, the frego bract trait, and high volume instrument (HVI) fiber properties.
It has narrow, light silvery-grey leaves, with a long scarlet bract emerging from the middle.