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the quality of being salty, as the saltiness of water

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Limited crop farming opportunities (mostly confined to kharif season) and high tubewell irrigation cost, little availability and high levels of brackishness in ground water, negligibly small proportion of total operational holding is irrigated.
2.18 Source of Power for Plowing (% Farms) --Animals 3.90 70.30 --Animals +Tractor 1.30 27.00 --Tractor 94.00 2.70 Soil Type of Major Parcel (% Farms) (1) --Sandy 81.00 66.70 --Sandy loam -- 31.50 --Loam 2.00 1.80 --Sandy + sandy loam -- -- --Saline sodic 17.0 -- Tubewell as irrigation source (% farms) 68.30 5.40 Brackishness in Ground Water (% Farms) --Low n.a.
The trouble with new sources is that the conventional process cannot remove brackishness, or salinity, from the water, so the treatment units will become useless if the feed is seawater.
These include the risk of leaky wells, aquifer instability due to injection, presence of organic compounds, brackishness of recovered water, and the possibility of inadequate storage capacity.
With each seasonal death of the marsh, some of the carp, crabs, and crayfish succeed in escaping to the brackishness of Sonoma Creek, from which they migrated.
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