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Synonyms for bracket

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Synonyms for bracket

a division of persons or things by quality, rank, or grade

to come or bring together in one's mind or imagination

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Synonyms for bracket

a category falling within certain defined limits

either of two punctuation marks ('<' or="" '="">') used in computer programming and sometimes used to enclose textual material

either of two punctuation marks ([ or ]) used to enclose textual material

a support projecting from a wall (as to hold a shelf)

support with brackets

place into brackets


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classify or group

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References in classic literature ?
{81} This line is enclosed in brackets in the received text, and is omitted (with note) by Messrs.
{91} I suppose the lines I have enclosed in brackets to have been added by the author when she enlarged her original scheme by the addition of books i.-iv.
{107} I suppose the passage within brackets to have been an afterthought but to have been written by the same hand as the rest of the poem.
"It is clear from the text that there were two [caves] not one, but some one has enclosed in brackets the two lines in which the second cave is mentioned, I presume because he found himself puzzled by having a second cave sprung upon him when up to this point he had only been told of one.
No one but an acrobat or a sailor could have got up to that bell-rope from the bracket, and no one but a sailor could have made the knots with which the cord was fastened to the chair.
A gas bracket hung from the middle of the ceiling over a dark, shabby writing-desk covered with a litter of yellowish dusty documents.
In the 35-to-44 and in the 45-to-55 brackets combined, 48 percent said an age gap matters while 43 percent believe otherwise.
The IRS has announced its inflation-adjusted tax brackets for the 2019 tax year, and as you might expect, all of the income thresholds have increased a bit from 2018.
[USPRwire, Tue Oct 16 2018] Motorcycle Exhaust Mounting Brackets Market: Introduction Motorcycle exhaust mounting brackets are the components of motorcycle exhaust systems used to connect the exhaust system to the chassis.
Various electricity distribution companies started on Monday collecting bills with new electricity consumption costs from homeowners, according to the seven varying brackets. On June 12, Shaker announced new hikes in electricity prices in a press conference.
Objectives: To evaluate the incidence of orthodontic brackets detachment during orthodontic treatment.
Orthodontic brackets manufacturer does not reveal their actual slot height.
Brackets must be received by Thursday, March 15, 2018, 30 minutes before first tipoff.
With regard to the schedular excise-tax rates, the TRAIN law modified both the tax brackets and tax rates.