bracket creep

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a movement into a higher tax bracket as taxable income increases

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With bracket creep, taxes - which keeps on getting bigger and bigger - eat a bigger share of family income.
Those actions slowed down the kind of bracket creep that comes solely from lamentably high inflation, but it did not eliminate the other kind, which comes as a result of the laudable process of people's incomes rising faster than inflation.
This bracket creep was a feature, not a bug, because the aim was to reduce the incentive that encourages employers to provide tax-free medical benefits instead of higher wages.
In other publications, we address the problem of bracket creep by
By 1981, bracket creep had pushed the average and marginal tax rates for the typical individual in this group past the WWII-era highs.
Then, because of inflationary bracket creep, many Americans found their income subject to high tax rates.
Inflation, affecting nonsale income, state and local taxes and tax bracket creep, is expected to be 2.
In essence, he wanted a few years of bracket creep to raise federal revenues even as he was cutting them.