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Larval-juvenile fishes, hyperiid amphipods, brachyuran and decapod larvae, and adult fish prey were combined into higher taxonomic categories and life history stages.
In brachyuran crabs, chela and abdomen are considered secondary characters for males and females, respectively, because of their functions in reproduction (Hartnoll, 1978).
Palemonidae and Penaeidae shrimps and different Brachyuran crabs had a low frequency of occurrence and a high average contribution to the stomach weight, indicating a strong individual specialization (Fig.
Meroplankton spatial structure and variability on Abrolhos Bank and adjacent areas, with emphasis on brachyuran larvae.
The arrangement of aesthetascs on the lateral flagella of many brachyuran and marine anomuran crabs is a dense, flexible brush; these crabs flick the lateral flagella bearing this array through the water (e.g., Snow, 1973; Koehl, 2006, 2011; Waldrop, 2013; Waldrop et al., 2015).
The carapace width has been generally considered an independent variable in brachyuran morphometric studies because it shows few physiological changes throughout a crab's life history (Barnes, 1968).
The blue crab (Callinectes sapidus) (Portunidae), the lady crab (Ovalipes ocellatus) (Portunidae), and the Atlantic rock crab (Cancer irroratus) (Cancridae) are the largest and most common brachyuran crabs inhabiting both estuaries and inner continental shelves of the northeast coast of North America.
Garth (1992) publishes a study of brachyuran crabs from the Revillagigedo islands, emphasizing their insular endemism, based on the 1934 and 1939 collection trips carried out by the "Velero" ship.
Comparative study of post-larval life-history schedules in four sympatric species of Cancer (Decapoda: brachyuran: Cancridae).
On a small collection of brachyuran Crustacea from Easter Island obtained by the Scripps Institution of Oceanography Downwind Expedition of 1958.
Aspects of sperm metabolism in the spermatheca of the brachyuran crab Metopograpsus messor (Forskal).
Our method was also used by Carmona-Suarez and Conde (1996) to inventory brachyuran crabs in the State of Falcon, Venezuela.
Brachyuran of the Pacific coast of America: Oxyrhyncha.
Therefore, the present study aimed to analyze the structure of the anomuran and brachyuran community present in sheltered and exposed rocky shores of the municipalities of Anchieta and Guarapari, both in the coast of ES State, Brazil, with two distinct physiographic features.