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having a short broad head with a cephalic index of over 80

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They also had a[n] appreciably higher face, giving higher facial indices, a longer base and less prognathism." Hrdlicka (1945) reported that Paleo-Aleuts were dolichocranic in form, with a high-vaulted, more oblong cranium, whereas Neo-Aleuts were brachycranic, with a low-vaulted, wider, and rounder cranium.
Ultradolicocranials and Hyperdolicocranials were grouped with Dolicocranials, and Hyperbrachycranic and Ultrabrachycranic were grouped with Brachycranics.
From 71 male skulls, 28 were brachycranics, 23 mesocranics and 20 dolicocranials.
Measuring HCI allowed classification of skulls in brachycranics, mesocranics and dolicocranials, making it possible to compare differences in proportions amongst skull classes for male and female.