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Synonyms for brachycephalic

an adult with a short broad head

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having a short broad head with a cephalic index of over 80

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The UK Brachycephalic Working Group consists of a number of interested bodies, including veterinary organisations, universities, The Kennel Club, welfare bodies and breeders and its aim is to improve dogs' health and reduce consumer demand for the breeds.
Brachycephalic Hyper Row Total Brachycephalic 1 130 (11.60%) 21 (1.87%) 1120 2 296 (31.83%) 21 (2.25%) 930
In pediatric, elderly, unwell and trauma patients, sterilization procedures, Terriers, Spaniels and brachycephalic breeds, the death rate is usually high (Brodbelt, 2009; Brodbelt, 2010; Muir et al., 2007).
Lisa Hsuan, a veterinarian at the Animal Health Care Center in Los Angeles, said brachycephalic breeds are seen as 'cute, funny, trendy and sociable,' as well as entertaining-think of those videos of skateboarding bulldogs on social media.
These types of dogs are known as brachycephalic, or "short-nosed" or "snub-nosed," breeds.
Exclusion criteria were: brachycephalic breeds, age less than six months, head trauma and skulls with evidence of bone pathology.
Susie James, chairwoman of Friends of the Dogs - a charity dedicated to supporting lost, stray and abandoned dogs in Cardiff Dogs Home and Newport City Dogs Home - says the charity has seen a rise in the number of brachycephalic dogs, or flat-faced dogs, being taken into their care.
Class III patients may present two facial types correlated to the angulation of the OP and can be highlighted brachycephalic with low OP (<4[degrees]) and dolichocephalic with high OP (>12[degrees]).
Characteristic findings of cleidocranial dysostosis include hypoplasia or the absence of the clavicle, brachycephalic skull, hypoplasia in the middle of the face, delayed closure of the fontanelles, and slight to moderate shortness in stature.
A reduction of chin could yield a squarer mandible in patients who are already brachycephalic with increased bigonial width.
The mediastinum and brachycephalic trunk were dissected bluntly to approach the ventral spinal musculature.
Longhaired cats and cats with short muzzles (brachycephalic breeds, like Persians and Himalayans) are more likely to experience entropion.
It was found that more than half (60%) tended to have a mesocephalic face, while 20% had dolichocephalic and 20%, brachycephalic face.
In cats, development is commonly associated with feline herpesvirus, and brachycephalic cats are predisposed.