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abnormally slow heartbeat

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" She had suffered from Brachycardia on Tuesday night and remained in that condition for two to three minutes before she was revived and put on full ventilator support," said Dr Jagdish Prasad, directorgeneral, health services, ministry of health and family welfare who also visited the hospital on Wednesday.
Because magnesium can slow an already slow heart rate, people with brachycardia need to supplement with care.
The text contains 35 chapters on basic and clinical cardiac electrophysiology, cardiac pacing for brachycardia, defibrillation, physiological pacing and cardiac resynchronization therapy, anesthesia, implantation, remote management, and other topics.
The heart can beat too slowly, a condition known as brachycardia and it can also beat too quickly, called tachycardia.
Apnea More frequent episodes of apnea and/or brachycardia; an accelerating pattern of A's and B's is especially noteworthy.