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Synonyms for brachiopod

marine animal with bivalve shell having a pair of arms bearing tentacles for capturing food

of or belonging to the phylum Brachiopoda

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It is only one-meter thick dolomite bed which shows the abundance of recrystallized shells of brachiopods (Fig.
The present work reveals the variations in the diversity and toxonomical composition of the brachiopod assemblages prior to- and post-ETMEE, up to their totol recovery in the Middle-Late Toarcian times.
Naticid snail boreholes are frequently found on molluscan shells at the Punta Morales region (VargasZamora & Sibaja-Cordero, 2011), but no such boreholes or traces of them have been observed on brachiopod shells from the sites.
Different types of fauna, observed in the formation, include brachiopods, bryozoans, crinoids, bivalves and foraminifera (fusulinids).
While the degree that the growth of tagged individuals may be underestimated is unknown, growth in this species is at least equivalent to or faster than that observed in other brachiopod species (Table 1).
Therefore, in this study, the C values of each brachiopod were measured using cephalic tentacle cells of abalone as the internal standard.
According to brachiopod stratigraphic dispersion in the Zal stratigraphic section and comparison to a recognized Late Permian fossil community in Iran and other parts of the Tethyan region, Late Dzhulfian to Dorashamian has been introduced as the age of the Ali Bashi Formation.
Brachiopods are numerous and well preserved there, making them an ideal group of animals to test the link between abundance and extinction.
1 is different from the columnar structure of acrotretoid brachiopod shells (Williams & Holmer 1992), as well as from that of Mickwitzia shells (Skovsted & Holmer 2003), where columns penetrate initially organic-rich layers.
Mississippian brachiopod biostratigraphy and the Osagean-Meramecian boundary in south-sentral Indiana.
A contribution to the life-history of the brachiopod Terebratella inconspicua Sowerby.
At this stratigraphic level a very interesting brachiopod fauna occurs that contains, in addition to typical elements of the Guadalupian Maokou Formation such as Unisteges maceus (Ching) and Orthotichia nana (Grabau), typical and common elements of the Lopingian Longtan Formation, such as Cathaysia chonetoides (Chao), Haydenella wenganensis (Huang), Leptodus nobilis (Waagen), Neochonetes substrophomenoides (Huang), Tschernyschewia sinensis Chao, and Tyloplecta yangtzeensis (Chao).
And it gleamed the color of old tusks; it held the spilth of continental seedbed, gastropod and brachiopod and seaworm and sea lily, and vertebrae of stone; and here one night of my late adolescence it made a couch for two recumbent humans, marble-limbed and languid as two figures on the lid of a sarcophagus.
Notable extensive investigations of the brachiopod faunas, environments and stratigraphy of the Floian to lower Darriwilian (Hunneberg to Kunda regional stages) have been carried out in the St Petersburg area (Egerquist 1999; Hansen & Harper 2003; Rasmussen et al.