innominate artery

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a large artery arising from the arch of the aorta and divides into the right subclavian artery and the right common carotid artery

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For histopathologic studies, the aorta and heart were harvested and stored in buffered formalin (10%), or the brachiocephalic artery (BCA) was dissected and snap-frozen in Tissue-Tek OCT-compound (Sakura Finetek, Torrance, CA) to be used for cryostat sections.
Induction of atherosclerosis by low-fat, semisynthetic diets in LDL receptordeficient C57BL/6J and FVB/NJ mice: comparison of lesions of the aortic root, brachiocephalic artery, and whole aorta (en face measurement).
On the right, the vagus nerve follows the posterolateral surface of the comm on carotid artery to the bifurcation of the brachiocephalic artery.
The device was inserted through the right radial artery, and passed through the brachiocephalic artery and positioned along the greater curvature of the aorta.
Following the anastomosis of coronary buttons to the openings on the graft, distal end of the composite graft was anastomosed to the ascending aorta just 1 cm proximal to the brachiocephalic artery.