brachial plexus

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a network of nerves formed by cervical and thoracic spinal nerves and supplying the arm and parts of the shoulder

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Compression of the brachial plexus in a patient with a false aneurysm of the axillary artery as a result of anterior shoulder dislocation.
Keywords: brachial plexus, pediatrics, family, education, psychosocial support
Brachial plexus injuries can occur because of the normal forces of labor and delivery.
Brachial plexus avulsion injury (BPAI) represents one of the most devastating injuries of the upper extremity, and nerve transfer is the most frequently used method in restoring upper limb function for such serious lesion.
Injuries associated with serious brachial plexus involvement in polytrauma among patients requiring surgical repair.
After the ethical committee approval 90 patients of age 20-50 year, either gender, American Society of Anaesthesiologists (ASA) Grade 1 or 2 undergoing upper limb elective orthopedic surgeries under supraclavicular brachial plexus block were enrolled in the study.
Attributed to shoulder mobility, the brachial plexus at the axilla level is vulnerable for the re-arrangement of anatomical structures according to the position.
7,8,5] In recent years, some authors have reported their good experience with trapezius muscle transfer for the paralytic shoulder after brachial plexus injuries.
Ultrasonography allows visualisation of the brachial plexus at a higher quality and helps nerve localisation, and these factors then increase the quality of the nerve block.
Material and Methods: Military and civilian trauma patients presenting with loss of shoulder abduction following closed brachial plexus injury at plastic surgery outpatient department (OPD) and accident and emergency (AandE) were included in the study.
This 147-chapter atlas outlines neurosurgical techniques for the spine and peripheral nerves, focusing on occipital-cervical junction, midcervical spine, cervicothoracic junction, thoracic and thoracolumbar spine, lumbar and lumbosacral spine, and peripheral nerve surgeries, including the brachial plexus, lumbosacral plexus, and individual nerves.
Factors associated with failed brachial plexus regional anesthesia for upper limb surgery
The brachial plexus was most frequently injured in motor vehicle accidents and the facial nerve injuries most commonly had an iatrogenic cause.